Now to decide if I want to do separate normal/AD accounts here like on birdsite

@BeerFox I had two reasons to make separate:
1. I wanted a different follow list, so I could go to one account to see only hornposting
2. I know a couple of my followers are sensitive towards adult content due to past experiences

@BeerFox but...
1. Most AD posts I've seen are Horny On Main, so I get people talking about their day or posting pictures of their cats anyway
2. With CWs and image hiding it's so much easier to hide unwanted content, so it's ready to either avoid or engage with at their own pace, under their own control

@BeerFox With a distant third being I'm somewhat ashamed of my oddities and don't want to explicitly link it to me. So even though it's much more exhibitionist, my AD is under a pseudononym.

I don't link my online activities with my legal identity anyway, out of possibly paranoid fear of being fired for being gay (again), so that's an extra buffer too.

@Mycroft Yeah, that mirrors mine pretty well (with #1 going towards both being able to read safely at work, and not having employers find it)

Though largely yeah, even with the CW feature I don't want to expose my unsuspecting friends to weird crap >.>

suggestive, half joking 

suggestive, half joking 

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