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Today is the day that @Rybark and @Ace become matrimonial, and they are the cutest and best, and deserve all the happiness!

...and a place with a fire hydrant right off the master bedroom

Playing a civ-type game with @gc you're always assured some good city names >.>

Just pointed out in a code review that the ~100 lines of code my boss wrote over the course of several hours could be replaced with a single line and he is now both cracking up and cussing

Happy birthday! You are indeed a prime fox

Wegman's had these awesome little hummus cups when I stopped for milk on the way home and so I guess now I gotta make pita oh darn!

Apparently this was a premonition - I got dragged into a conference call right after morning shower, and didn't escape for about 3 hours

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Sunday night mood - feeling rough about the week coming up, knowing I should sleep to better face it, but knowing that sleeping makes it show up faster

Roho relayed

As you can see, @BeerFox and I take this game very seriously. Here are our sparkledog forms.

Also, I did not once start a round by informing my team that 'the enemy's gate is down'

I should get a medal for that alone

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Did a lasertag thing today with coworkers, combo team-building and release celebration for a bunch of recent stuff. Was surprisingly fun! And by the end, I was leading my team. Pew pew!

..I'm also surprisingly sweaty now, so I'll assume it was good exercise too

Well that's interesting. Apparently if you're logged into two instances, and you try to follow someone who's on one of those instances, it'll automatically use your account on that instance, not give you the usual prompt of 'what account do you want to follow from?'

I mean at least having dealt with her for 6 years I already assumed the money was long since spent and she'd try to handwave away returning it, so I'm not relying on getting it but like

then I know she'll just try it on the next tenants too

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So at this point I'm pretty sure I'm not getting my last damage deposit back (with no explanation), and I have to decide how much effort it's worth to try and get blood from that particular stone

Thematic new tea infuser, and incoming cocktails by fire with

Same cat. I didn't put him there, he just knew it was his natural habitat

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So I wonder when the top 100/200 on last changed

So I went ahead and did an AD account. For anyone interested, it's at

Now to decide if I want to do separate normal/AD accounts here like on birdsite

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