Being able to escape abusive people is fucking bad ass and @vantablack escaping their parents is amazing and shows how incredible they are. I only just met this person, and I feel like I already know they're powerful.

there is more than enough housing in america for every person to be off the streets, yet we still have involuntary homelessness

“violence” isn’t burning down a police station; violence is enforcing an economic system which intentionally deprives people of what they need to live

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In light of the cancellation of this year's Gathering Of The Juggalos due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I would like to propose the "ICP Responsible Leadership Test" as a metric for evaluating corporate and political leadership going forward. Nobody gets to be in charge of anything if they are not demonstrably better at managing safety risk than The Insane Clown Posse.

(missing CW) fighting coronavirus, capitalism ref 

Announcing airbreak, a toolkit to jailbreak inexpensive CPAP machines to turn them into emergency #COVID19 ventilators by unlocking all operational modes and allowing custom software extensions.

psa: don't make real world protest plans publically online. not on Masto, not anywhere.

uspol pro tip 

right who wrote this. i know it's one of y'all who is on here i'm sure fess up

Ok, cut to size. Not screwed together yet, but this is the raised bed and that is the corner of the yard it's going into

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So I'm teaching a gen-ed 1st year experience course about study skills in the spring.

The past people teaching this course have all used the same book...

It's called "How to Study in College."

This fucker costs $170 new, $130 used... or $60 to rent for a semester.

I laughed so fucking hard.

And then cried.


Fuck that noise.

I'm going book less and doing all free handouts and readings and youtube videos.

Seems there are multiple Mastodon web clients now, each with a different focus:

- #Halcyon: Twitter-like
- #Brutaldon: Web 1.0
- #Pinafore: speed, simplicity
- #Sengi: multi-instance

Really happy to see so many different Mastodon web clients out there!

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old people get mad online and have forum drama, they’re just doing it via the medium of ham radio

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