@fluxom_alt Died as I lived. Taking up most of the room and eating suspicious food.

@foone Nah, the announcement still says Nov 1st. However, a recent post from @chr says that it's been pushed back to the start of next year.

@quatoria The read-only period's been pushed back to January 1st, yeah.

@BestGirlGrace I feel like a significant part of FOSS is ignoring how the sausage is made.

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Now that I've got everyone together, I'm posting the whole group cosplay as a set.
Ashley Ramirez as @moricalliope@twitter.com πŸ’€
Balina Mahigan as @ourokronii@twitter.com ⏳
Charlotte Burton as @gawrgura@twitter.com πŸ”±
Dahlia Verrick as @tsukumosana@twitter.com πŸͺ

🎨: A+C: @RoxannaRachnid
🎨: B+D: @Ficus


I've said before that Ouro Kronii is the closest to a Balina you can get without actually being me, which means the head moof, narcissist that she is, probably fangirls her as hard as I do. This is why I wanted to do the whole set of costumes in the first place!

🎨: @Ficus

We haven't seen Charlotte in a while. She's still very busy, but she got in on the Hololive group costume bit I'm running this year, dressing as Gawr Gura!

She has trouble admitting it, but if she was given the choice, she'd much rather be small and cute.

🎨: @RoxannaRachnid

ec, too hot for TV 

Now, I know what you're thinking. A succubus, dressing up as a succubus sounds *really* lazy, and you're right.

But also, I think I can pull it off better than most~

A stunning piece from @SunsetAria@twitter.com's currently-going stream. Stop by in a bit and get yourself a cool costume!


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Balina defends her honor 

Nobody asked, but the actual reason is because I find the *act of growing* to be the most important part, rather than the parts afterwards, so it's important that Balina be "normal"-sized by default.

Ridiculactation means that her chest size is whatever the picture requires, tho. Dahlia, too, though she tends to look really good a few sizes larger than reasonable, so she does it a lot.

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Like many of my characters, Dr Briar has some difficulty buying clothes off of the rack.
Also like many of my characters, her own rack is only part of the problem. A Howie coat is supposed to button on the side, but nobody makes them for shortstacks!
🎨: @Draekos

@irisjaycomics @BestGirlGrace It's true, when I think of snakes and sins, I start thinking of Grace.

illustrated ec, cosplay 

This is itself following a theme I'm slowly building of my BTI crew dressed up as Hololive characters. There's a third one pending, but here's a piece from last year of Dahlia dressing up as the late, great Tsukomo Sana that @Ficus did for me:

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illustrated ec, cosplay 

"Pardon me, but could I convince you to R.I.P.?"

Resident demon-touched mouse Ashley dressed up as Mori Calliope; a stunning piece that @RoxannaRachnid did on one of her Saturday streams.

Roxie does commission streams twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I am biased, obviously, but I cannot recommend her enough. Check her out at picarto.tv/RoxannaRachnid and tell her Balina sent you.

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