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I have learned that today is also International Bat Appreciation Day.

So please also appreciate:

(Artists: @fluxom_art (who you should also go appreciate today), @RoxannaRachnid , @Draekos,

There aren't many good up-close pictures of Batlina yet, so I asked for some help.

Support your local malls, and your local mall goths.

Korps allusions 

It was very funny how Furnal Equinox's theme was Retro Rewind, but had to be delayed two years because, y'know.*

Looking over the swag, what've we got here... leg warmers, headband, wristband, fanny pack, d2020, crazy straw and--

Rose-Colored Glasses. Just a coincidence, I'm sure.

* It should have been delayed for another year at the bare minimum, given how bloody little they did in terms of safety

While catching up with folks I haven't seen in roughly three years, I ended up sitting next to, who gracefully deposited a moof on me!

Jesus, Balina, I know you're tired, but check your toots before you hit enter.

Anyways, if, like me, you're so irresponsible as to be in Toronto this weekend for some reason, I've got tiny Balinas to spare.

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latex, cute bat 

Important daily decisions.

Can't really wear anything bulky when flying, but it's generally considered rude to wear quite so little when you're moving among crowds afterwards. Always have a plan, even if that means hitting up the clothing stores after you get there!

A lovely sketch from @Draekos, done earlier in a stream tonight.

ec, macro/micro, nudity, fawning over dingboks 

Having one of those weeks where my thoughts just keep going, "Dahlia. :]"

Dahlia is confidence. Dahlia is grace. She's a silky smooth purr, the sound of steel gliding on silk. Soft, strong, sharp, smooth, all where it counts.

A comfortable ease that comes from knowing oneself and the power that entails. Comfortable anywhere, as the world fits itself to her, not the other way 'round.


It may not always be so obvious. She might not always be the size of a house, a barn, the planet.

She could be the size of your thumb, and it still wouldn't matter. Dahlia is big, no matter where she goes or what she does.

🎨:,, @Ficus,

Still trying to find her niche, and I think a clever dog may have prodded me down a promising path...

(Honestly I think a little bit of the Lady is creeping in on the edges, which would be appropriate, I guess...)

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A sane person would have asked this when the character was first drafted. A smart person would have provided this to the artist before work got going in earnest.

I'm neither of those. But I do need to emphasize just how unbelievably well @fluxom_art knows how to handle Balina.

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While I'm still figuring out who exactly Batlina is, some things are universal. Hanging out is one of those things.


It also reminds me of a sketch that did for me way back when, of someone I've long since lost contact with.
Caeli, wherever you are, I hope you're somewhere safe and soft.

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January 1st means it's time for my semi-annual rotation of the mattress, and the regular reminder that, as a hybrid that needs to recharge, I am thankful for the reminder that my bed has Qi wireless charging capabilities.

Eye... contact? 

Looking at green screens, and came across this lady giving me some good villain gender vibes.

After saying that I feel kinda bad that she's almost certainly going to end up melodramatic and broody, I was told, quote, "melodramatic and broody but nice is, on some level, your aesthetic dear"

My reaction:

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Under typical circumstances, Behold, that little mouse down there, is exactly 18" tall. The jury is still out if that is a picture of Behold being drawn at actual mouse scales, or if Batlina is, somehow, twelve feet tall.

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I have been in some moods lately, and @fluxom_art is stellar at indulging them. Sometimes a Balina is a bat, and that's wonderful.

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