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Arts and Crafts 

I picked up an embroidery starter kit earlier this year; one of those skills I'd like to have available to me. Even just being confident with a needle to mend clothes is useful, after all.

Finally been working at it; still have a lot to learn, but we gotta start somewhere, yeah?

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Arts and Crafts 

Finished the third one in this kit. Still enjoying myself, still learning as I go. I complain a lot about how almost every set of embroidery patterns is just flowers, but on the flip side: flowers pretty.

Already picked up another kit for more practice, and learning new stitches for it. Plus picked up some scrap cloth to fiddle with slash use up some of the leftover floss.

It feels a little silly to realize how much of this was me brute-forcing the last few patterns, honestly; the heart on that gray cloth was simply the realization that I could do a quick stitch for the outline, then do a satin stitch over top of it. Way easier than trying to stay on painted lines!

Arts and Crafts 

Cross-stitch and embroidery are not the same thing, but sometimes you get an idea so wild you have no choice but to dive into it. This is going to be a monstrous labor of love. Or a labor of monstrous love. We'll see.

...There's supposed to be 1 more skein, but the craft store only had 27 of the 28 flavors I need.

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