Nobody likes reading about someone else's dreams 

Realizing a few hours after waking up that the adventure game I was playing about a detective who more or less abandoned her job to follow after and attempt to romance a size-shifting villainess was, despite the love and care that went into it, simply something I dreamed up.

This is doubly frustrating because a major theme of this dream was me being constantly amazed at how hard it committed to some of its gags; the errand run sidequest that turned into navigating a 124-aisle supermarket full of weird knockoffs being the one that took the longest.

The part that *really* got me was realizing a few minutes afterward that, wait a fucking second, I sprung for and bought the premium DLC! That dream robbed me!

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Nobody likes reading about someone else's dreams 

@Balina this dream has a cool video game in it though

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