I think this is the best comment I will receive for a very long time.

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@Balina Hey, at least with robots, you only have to get 'em measured once to be able to replicate this Powerful look.

@BestGirlGrace "Tailored with a precision impossible to replicate on a living being" was 100% going through my head at the time. Suits fitted within microns, pressed and fit so sharply you could cut yourself on them.

@Balina "Put your tape measure away. I have the blueprints right there."

Plus, robots don't sweat, rarely have to undress, and can't complain about being vacuum-sealed into a suit for that perfect fit.

@Balina I really enjoy the robomoof. Very nice look for you.

@Balina it shouldn't be considered rude to run around naked all the time
humans deserve body freedom, too

@lis @Balina *pads in, is a wolf wearing nothing but his fur* I was just going to say something to that effect! :3

twinning kink 

twinning kink 

twinning kink 

twinning kink 

@Alistor I mean the sketch already was done in pink for once!

@Balina hell yes! robo-fashionistas are absolutely iconic

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