I want a girl with paws like Nepeta
Who gives me attention, and asks for pats
She is changing her name from [CENSORED] to Rebecca
She is climbing in the cockpit of a battle-ready mecha

I want a girl who's in Cybersecurity (CYBERSECURITY!)
I want a girl who wears full face masks (FULL! FACE! MASKS!)
Who's a ghost in the shadows, and an expert at arson,
And was home all day yesterday, if anybody asks,
I want a girl with a short fuse and a looong,
Long rap sheet

I want a girl who is covered in sediment,
Who shrieks in infrasonic at the moment she kills,
With iridescent skin and seven rows of teeth
And paralytic venom she secretes from her gills

violence, but like, by a pretty girl, also a song 

I want a girl with tungsten alloy plating!
I want a girl who has jets! Built! In!
She's collecting her bounty - she is crushing my windpipe -
She is gyro compensating for the planetary spin--

I want a girl who knows all the vault codes,
I want a girl who saw me first,
I want a girl who has a dozen identities
Who will slip me her calling card in the bottom of my purse-
With fingers like lockpicks and a mind like a sapphire
Radiation lipstick and a smirk to cut glass
With a helicopter waiting for her backup escape plan
And a second helicopter for a second strafing pass
I want a girl with a short cape and a long,
Long crime spree


Thank you for your hard work and service to a good cause.

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@Balina just out here wanting various girls like any sensible person should be

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