shout out to the audubon petition website that's the only one I've seen that has a free text entry box for your name prefix (but it's a required field, which is weird)

I put in Mx. just to try it out.

@vy I pronounce it like that in my head, but I had "virus girl" in mind when I wrote it.

@Balina @vy Changing, mutating, and evolving into the best key to fit into the host's lock. And if calling myself a vixen- a good, horny word on its own, and one that invites some kind of fox sona- helps, well, who am I to judge?


@BestGirlGrace And that's just how it goes, yeah? If the concept of Grace wasn't already so malleable, then the idea would never have gotten into civilization in the first place. That mutability is precisely how the ideas can just slide right through your eyes, past your ears, and wrap around your juicy mind and make the circuit traces start flowing. You have to be flexible, and you gotta move with the times if you want the times to move for you.

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@Balina Precisely! Much like the shark and the remora, the Grace and the civilization are symbiotic, each relying on and driving the other. Much like the biological virus evolves new ways to exploit existing cells, the virus girl delights in finding and spreading new ways to exploit existing minds.

It took a long time for the first Grace who could live in a digital computer to come about- that sort of thing doesn't happen overnight, and it's certainly not just something that happens.

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