I don't care who you are; if an entire flock of well-organized geese comes straight at you, either you run away or you're going to get hurt.

You are not immune to a proper gander.

The number of people over on Twitter that are replying to that posting of this joke with how they'd kill a flock of geese is disheartening.

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@Balina, very glad I'm not on my laptop so I don't kludge the screen with my head after reading this. :P

@Balina I mean, any reasonable Korps agent knows that it's far more efficient to subvert their values over time, bring down their social structures, and warp them to your plans... :p

@zebratron2084 I mean, given the punchline it's upsetting to see so many people read it like a "would you rather fight" kind of question. Pink glasses would only improve it!!

@Balina I mean, I can't pretend a gaggle of small vicious geese wearing RCGs would be kinda adorable... but isn't it kinda hard when they don't have ears? It'd, like, triple your velcro budget at BEST. :)

@zebratron2084 "how the fuck do we get these to fit on all these weird furries" has got to be, like, 50% of the RCG R&D budget. They seem to work on snakes, though, so we'll probably be okay.
I don't know HOW they work on snakes, but I'm not an engineer.
(The replicas I built a few years ago just clamped to the side of the face; the straps were simply backup)

@Balina I doubt most people would win in a fight against a flock of geese, anyway. They're vicious when provoked.


Geese are fucking bastards and I know damn well better than to hassle even the most casual flock.

@Balina okay jokes aside i am convinced the reason geese are so ornery is because they remember they used to be fuckoff giant dinosaurs in their ancestry

@Nine Perhaps the only time I'll ever truly believe someone when they say they were born in the wrong decade. "If I had been born another hundred million years ago, I could have been *incredible*" is an extremely strong feeling.

@Balina be the giant megafauna with huge teeth you want to see in the world

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