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Introductions + Reference Sheet (SFW; Furry) 

Moofember, near-eye contact 

Vorny, but πŸ” 

Moofember, eye contact 

Moofember, food, eye semi-contact 

I had reason to go digging through some Discord logs, which led me to find this little germ of an idea that still makes my heart ache.

YCH opening! NSFW/nudity/collar/very curvy bod 

our child's writing and making a book today and his story started with "one day a princess was sharpening her sword" so i guess we're doing an alright job lol


Moofember (explicit for once in my life) 

Moofember / Another icon swap 




Where do all these ghostyhands come from anyway?!

Why the Dis-Kae-cer beast has free'd them, for all your mystery groping pleasures!

my art, kinda TF 

She's frustrated and antsy and horny and she's got cabin fever and her body is doing weird nonsense and she's so tired of eating cafeteria food and she wants to go home to get some privacy but what she really wants is to go fuck someone unconscious but right now all she can do is try to burn off some of this energy so she is going to just punish the hell out of this treadmill.

sfw furry art, not quite eye contact but close 

Important late-night brainstorming nonsense. Very serious.

Moofember, icon/display name changes 

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