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NEW SKETCH THEME POLL!! i'm doing something a little... different for Inktober, so this will be for the end of September and the beginning of November. $5 patrons and up can vote on the official poll HERE:

and everyone else can vote in the wild card poll HERE:

poll ends Friday! may the best option win! 🌠 #nsfw

Sent out all the preorders today, so I'm excited to announce that #QueerVillainPride pins and flags are now available in the Distressed Egg Gumroad store! Grab some sinister style for yourself while suppllies last!

Also thanks to everyone who preordered, the response was incredible! I'm super excited to put out more cool stuff in the future! πŸ’—πŸ§‘πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ–€

If hatsune miku made minecraft why doesn't it have leeks yet

Suddenly realizing I need to get back to programming so I can understand 60% of my Mastodon feed.

I was going to make a joke about robots sleeping on a qi charging mat, but I think I had that idea years ago.

(Not my character; I really don't know where Caeli ended up, as she drifted away from my circles. I hope she's okay and well-charged.)


So the Casper mattress I bought didn't work out. Returned it, hope it actually gets donated and not just landfilled.
Bought a new mattress that is just supernaturally soft. And, somehow, even more on brand

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Springbok, for better or worse, seem to either grunt or toot. I'm still trying to find better video of it. None of these are quite settling into a proper noise-based name.

Oh no.
I'm doing some research for Important Things, and it has come to my attention that dholes beep.
I don't care if it's them whistling.
They beep.

I bought a pair of GLO Rings a week or so ago; they arrived today. They are like neon incarnate and I'm still freaking out a little about them.
I stuck these on a window sill for a few minutes, then set them down in a shadow on my bed. Not darkness, just shadow.

Since I'm pretty sure people are gonna ask, I bought them from here; ignore if you see the "1h left" warning, they've been on sale since I bought them a while ago.

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Yeah, I think that'll stick. Felt right the moment it came out of my fingers.

I know full well that the people I hang out here are going to tell me to take the most obscenely over the top name I can, but I'm not quite sure if I can *quite* make Dahlia Maverick work.
Even if it's already a last name.
Even if it's a word that entered the lexicon over an incident involving too many cows.

Balina is just trying out names because she's attempting to make an awful joke work Show more

Twitter crosspost, me hollering about Dahlia again, also now horny size difference thoughts Show more

Twitter crosspost, me hollering about Dahlia again Show more

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