BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: i've reorganized how i take commissions from the ground up, and to celebrate i'm opening my commission queue for a limited time! if you'd like one, you can hit up my fancy new quote request form HERE:

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The Galactic Maids want to tell you that trans rights are human rights!

we fear olive loaf because it reminds us that we will one day die. a pimento mori

doin a lil bit of art streaming! Just cleaning up a sketch and then moving on to another commission!

Come say hi!

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Had to take down my laptop for some more critical patches today.
The display's acting wonky, but I'm sure it's nothing. That's why we install updates, after all! Just a heads up: My INKTOBER 2018 compilation is up in our new shop! Thirty-one beautiful pieces inked in brush pen, available in high resolution for the first time! Order now!

Update: precious cargo secured.
Really gonna miss being within walking distance of this place.

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designed a new shirt! it's not just t-shirts, there are a lot of different shirts and accessories available!

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