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LB: @wolfcau is always a pleasure to draw, and this quick QVP icon was no exception! 💖🗡️🌀

Icon update!
I'm a little bit belated in getting myself up to spec, but as Pride month ended, we enter Wrath month.
We're coming out to play for a bit~

Featuring the excellent stylings of and the fantastic queer villain pride flag created by @distressedegg!

REMINDER: It's #InternationalNonBinaryDay ! I've been out as non-binary femme (pronouns she/they) since 2014 and strive to create work that reflects the experiences of fellow radioactive gender criminals.

It starts with me explaining the character, but around 2/3rds of the way through it turns sharply in a 'super weird horny' direction. Then several directions.
I adore the witch moof but I have no idea how I'll ever really do her justice.

Link to a Twitter thread. A mixture of weird horny themes, as opposed to politics or whatever Show more

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Iris n I had to take our little goblin ( ) to the vet last night, so if you've been thinking about nabbing something from our shared storefront ( ) or signing up for either of our Patreons, now would be an extremely good time!

Aforementioned Patreons: (or )

(Chester is fine, but ooof ouch our wallets.)

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Just queued up a bunch of art for my patreon, if you like the things I draw I'd love it if you'd check it out! I have daily chronological uploads of my old art dating back to 2014 and I also post all my new art as I make it at full resolution along with WIPs, scraps and all that jazz. It's just $3 a month and the support helps me out a ton 💙

UH OH. @KorpsPropaganda and I are streaming later today at 7pm Eastern / 4pm Pacific at! Swing on by for cool art, sketch commission slots, and a whole lot of totally explicit fun. Don't miss it! #nsfw

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TMITuesday, twinning kink Show more

TMITuesday, twinning kink Show more

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TMITuesday Show more

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When I do my nails, I tend to leave the pinky, ring, and middle finger of my left hand unpainted (or, preferably, only base-coated), as they tend to rub off on my palm if I write while they're still drying, and the stuff I'm using takes HOURS to dry.
I feel like this might just end up being a style thing.

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