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Aw dang, here come the robomoofs again 

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Icon update! Name tweak! Welcome to the future. I'm going to put on this face (or lack thereof) for a while, see how it feels to go beep.
Having some difficulty putting "this robot feels right" into words, so I guess that's all I can really say in my defense.
馃帹: @Draekos

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Introductions + Reference Sheet (SFW; Furry) 

(Yeah, yeah, I was pretty blatantly stealing some Grace-isms there; I did say I have good teachers.)

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Korps, character development, hypno 

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Korps, character development 

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Korps, character development 

work, the search for; ko-fi link inside 

Anyways this is my 'sona Vic (it/its pronouncs) (drawn by @drexagon) and it's a very happy but also moody lil' chain chompy friend! it's always happy to get its hands dirty when it matters and it does NOT!!!!! like power stars

Boom Moof worldbuilding nonsense 

genderstuff (~-), wax, facial hair, whining into the void 

Ring Fit, outfit spoilers 

roboposting, sfw, cute 


video games, implied violence, absolute nonsense 

big robot! 

Realizing that FE comes up in a month and while I was planning on getting a Dahlia badge, the last couple weeks mean that suddenly I need a Damascene badge, too.

Going to be offering 2 forms of badge commissions for FE2020.

20usd for A E S T H E T I C Badge
80usd for Resume Badge

Please reply here or message me elsewhere if interested!

I think this is the best comment I will receive for a very long time.

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robofeels (+++) 

This was done as a quick study on throwing clothes on the robomoofs, meant to get ideas for another picture I commissioned; I didn't expect to receive anything like this but I'm absolutely gobsmacked how well it works and all but begged the artist to release it so I could show it to folks.

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