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this is starting to develop into a damn fine mesh of aesthetics

Lewd, kink 

Gonna be honest wanna get fucked real hard by a pretty girl who’ll spit on me

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John Romero's About To Make You Respect Trans People

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the emails are coming.......

from INSIDE the wife

I wanna be an elven girl...and also a cat girl...


long pointy soft ears that flick about and react cutely

and a tail!!!!

and Big Jumps!!!

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trans people are so beautiful, binary or nonbinary, gender conforming or non gender conforming, all are absolute beautiful ❤️

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I should go to sleep, but I think I'm going to open up an old Minecraft save and wander around. I'll reply to this post with a description of anything interesting I find.

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The dim starlight above is gradually replaced the the dawning sun as I make my way to the surface. A tall fence surrounds the perimeter of this chasm. I move through a small gate at the far end of the fence and find myself on a gravel path through an unfamiliar forest.

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The maiden ride up to the dragon's lair, lance raised. "Come out and fight me," she called.
The dragon looked at the knight. "Your girlfriend is here."
"My ex," the knight said. "Help me put my armour on?"
"Don't fight her, you might get hurt."
"I've got to protect you."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

NPC of the day:
Wizard flair bartender wearing a striped waistcoat. Finishes each drink by firing a small blast of frost magic into the mixer with their wand, before pouring it into a brightly coloured glass.

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Happy #dragonappreciationday everyone! Here's a quick guide on how to appreciate your dragon
- Give them a hug
- Give them things
- wax their scales
- give them gold
- tell them they're pretty
- Forget anything on the above list
- Give them a musical card

imagine a paladin so lawful they arrest their own god.

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He Has No Style,

He Has No Face,

Oh God! What Dark Abomination,

Birthed This Disgrace?

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lewd, hrt 

I'm like, five months into HRT, and honestly i am LOVING how, like, big my nipples are 💖 :trans_heart: 💖 they're so cute and squishable and nice~ I hope I get even more feeling in them~

Awful ancient meme shitpost, lm sorry 

Levi threw the first squad at stonewall

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i'm a simple lesbian, i see a girl i turn into a clingy mess
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