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i get to have whatever names i want fuck you
Athena Saris Lightning Paradigm

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horny, d/s 

The eternal fight to see who's the bigger bottom as we desperately try to imply that the other person should top

This is the trans girl way

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me, before being given a large plushie heart: :blobcatreach:
me, after being given a large plushie heart: :blobcatheart:

Mental health d&d shitpost 

mentally ill: hey brain can I um maybe focus or suffer from depersonalisation and anxiety today?

my asshole brain: lmao bitch make a constitution saving throw at disadvantage

Half tempted to make my uni thesis “I met a bunch of trans cuties and I wanted to kiss all of them”

*me, a trans girl slamming down a bookcase worth of RPG source books*

Time for some video games (Acoustic Cover, Girl Vocals)

Actually they're only called Bladesinger if they were trained in the Elven region of Faerüne. Otherwise, they're just an Eldritch Knight.

they call me "spin doctor" cause I support sick revolutions (to overthrow capitalism and kiss girls lots)

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Boost this to instantly become gay and gain 5 skill levels in Programming

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Tired: asking who is a good girl
Wired: affirming that I'm the good girl

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boost this toot to learn which spell you survived against all odds, and how it scarred you

audio tech, lewd, hypno 

the patterns so good...I wanna use it in everything~!

Its making my heart beat faster...there's something weird about it there's a little voice underneath all those rhythmic layering...

I gotta turn it I can hear her~

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audio tech, lewd, hypno 

oh nooo, I "accidentally" selected the 'Hypnotic Cyberpattern" synth instrument oh Heavens! And it sounds really good~! I wanna...keep listening...


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Yugi mutou is trans. No one wheres a leather collar that often and is cis

negative, suicide mention, alcohol, mention of self inflicted violence 

i turn 24 tomorrow. 24 is my favourite number.

I never considered getting this far.

I got really drunk on tuesday and immediately started talking about how much I wanted to die.

I picked up the kitchen knife I was cleaning. I could do vividly see it plunging into my stomach.

Vividly imagine my friends screams.

I think thats the only reason it didnt go in.

kink shitpost 

best bit about me is that its hard to tell whats kink and whats high concept performance art at this point and I think that's perfect

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