ladies, is it gay if… (mildly kinky, fantasy D/s) 

@vyr hhhh

@VyrCossont ah, I see you have discovered bake off. Excellent.

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ahhh what a sex positive evening! folks, I gotta say, sex is actually something that should be encouraged. my DM's are open if you want to talk about sex

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Non-lewd genitalia mention: 

Normalize boy pussy as much as we have for girl cock.

I don't know why Marvel hasn't tried to put advertisements on the Hulk. 

@cattebune BOOOOOOO

too nsfw for birdsite 

@spdrcstl Well I'll be honest, I am now intensely curious, if that's not too forward

too nsfw for birdsite 

@spdrcstl a SADIST? ....


@millenomi Maybe consult with a s on what they're find enjoyable to read?

NSFW, bondage, lewd but not nude 

Boost this~!

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NSFW, bondage, lewd but not nude 

I feel so...helpless

NSFW, lewd but not nude, bdsm, eye contact 

The moment when I ran out of air...


Progesterone arrived!! So excited for this Hey look, a bar graph

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