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taz finale spoilers 

@HTHR for me the tears start at “the world is ending and I don’t care” and generally just don’t fucking stop.

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@barrow talk to me about this. fuck. this is basically my specialist subject


@wersimmon Yooo you'd LOVE stuff like Thaumcraft and Ars Magica 2, goes well with Tinker's in a sort of medieval fantasy kinda way

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That'll be a cyberpunk catgirl in the ball pit.

selfie (bare stomach) 

@wersimmon Goshies if only~

lewd, negative 

sometimes I get super down that I'm not an irrepressible cyber Thot

cozyposting, physical affection directed at reader 

@barrow mmmnngh..

vent, racial slur mention, racism mention // 

@pipdoodle fucks saaake :c

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An open-world skate courier game would probably be fun as hell if it has the solid mechanics of a Tony Hawk game and the attitude of Jet Set Radio Future though.

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you've been visited by the froggy of kissing a girl! fave to fill your 2019 with kisses, boost to share the gift of kissing with all your friends

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the gay never stops in this cute robotic girl~

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trying to get girlfriends by pushing a polycule core through the mall while humming the Katamari Damacy theme
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