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lewd, trans girl ass 

perhaps one day I will be rid of this chub, but for now, here it is...

girls and enbies okay to boost.

lewd, trans girl 

I thought these looked pretty good on me but now...idk??

Anyway, ta da.

thoughts appreciated.

lewd, trans girl 

Girls and enbies can boost~
I hope these are okay...

lewd, trans girl 

Posting these now, despite it being the middle of the day.

Girls and enbies can boost~

Selfie, eye contact with camera, 

Powerful sorcereress energies

Boosts encouraged

selfie, eye contact, bad lighting 

and another one!

selfie, eye contact, bad lighting 

its about time I posted my face more cause estrogen is making me cute

ancient memes my friend forced me to do 

i am a monument to my sins

selfie, eye contact 

in case y'alls didnts knows.



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