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NSFW, bondage, lewd but not nude 

I feel so...helpless

NSFW, lewd but not nude, bdsm, eye contact 

The moment when I ran out of air...

selfie, eye contact 

this is starting to develop into a damn fine mesh of aesthetics

Lewd, clothed transgirl crotch 

Hey check out our house lounge flag!

Selfie, lewd 

@sky these hurt so bad, but feel so gooood~!

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Selfie, eye contact, lewd not nude 

Is it just me or did I get hotter recently~?
@sky gave me these~

netflix series, drag, uh lewd implied i guess, but DEFINITELY not by me. 

i actually want to self implode at seeing this as I log in to watch the Good Place

caps, a really late meme 


My audio work 

This is called "Cradle". It loops perfectly, as its for a game menu screen. Please lemme know what you think!


Pumpkin pie! I think. I only had square trays that were the right size, and the only time I’ve had pumpkin pie was in minecraft so

Anyway. I think I’m the first person in my family to make one! So lemme know if it looks okay?

lewd shitpost, The Wheel 

this normally how it works for me

D&D mini body horror 

its the Perfectly Ordinary Normal Horse

lewd, trans butt 

Boost my ass you cowards

feet, socks 

Cute, aren't they?

Maybe I can finally learn to programme now! :blobcat: 💻

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