Is he... you know..

*mimes being destroyed by one's own relentless pursuit of knowledge best left unlearned*

_of the Eye_?

A bee just, fell out of the flower it was in while I was trying to take its picture


hashtag thickens, stabilizes, and binds

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My photographic interests are:

- Very very very far away stars and galaxies
- Very very very close up bugs and flowers

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Very close-in insect photo 

Found a friend!!!

@AndiBumble In this case it's "I photographed some squirrels the other day please appreciate them" so I'm leaning towards the more detailed description

is "photo of" redundant? Maybe I should like, describe what the squirrel is doing? Details on the composition?

"A squirrel in a tree partially obscured by branches. It is facing directly at the camera"

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How do I caption my like, photos of squirrels?

is "photo of a squirrel in a tree" ok? too vague? too wordy?


i dont want to go back to work tomorrow

@deejvalen as a wise bee once said, anglerfish are the fireflies of the sea

@BestGirlGrace the deck of many things, with its mismatched furniture

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