Communists mutuals, do you consider yourself:

I wonder how many of you here are authoritarian, and also if you are, can you tell me why?

(I promise it's not a trick question, it's more because I'd like to read arguments in response to the most commonly raised issues)
(Links are fine to send ofc, I don't dare search myself in fear of only finding capitalist propaganda, of thinkpieces only made by privileged communists)

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If you consider yourself another kind of communist, please tell me what kind if that's ok!

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C'était supposé n'aller que sur masto, j'ai oublié le crosspost

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@Arr0w_root i don't know if "authoritarian" is used by people who may be considered by some as "authoritarian"

@baerd True that, I've read about the dictatorship of the proletariat here and there though, so I thought some of them own it? Otherwise there seems to have many ideological tendencies considered authoritarian by anarchists and I fear I couldn't list them properly (or even list one of them under authoritarian when it really isn't)

@baerd Marxists-leninists and maoists are those that I know of

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