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D&D test: Chaotic neutral human ranger/druid 

Strength- 11
Dexterity- 12
Constitution- 11
Intelligence- 15
Wisdom- 14
Charisma- 13

I still lean more towards good than evil.

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Hello, Arr0w_root here! Here is my new account. The cybre atmosphere feels nice and cozy.

I'm keeping this account as a backup, but I really should mark it as moved. Presently I hang out @Arr0w_root

Freeplane: it's also uselessly complicated to make a default theme, have a bad day.

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Freeplane: Here is the hexadecimal code of the color you chose!
Freeplane: You can't directly type it though.

Apparently a sulfate free, cruelty free cleanser with a low pH and sold in France is a fucking quest :blobcathissing:

Please for the love of god let me highlight bold words with colors in reading mode Firefox

rant propriétariat 

Que cela serve de leçon à qui songe à rénover sa maison: prenez pas des équipement bon marché, ça va vous lâcher à un moment ou un autre, et faite pas ça vous-même si vous avez pas d'expérience. Les précédents proprios m'ont laissé une douche mal isolée, qui a tendance à moisir, évacuant mal l'eau; et une kitchenette dont la division d'unités du four est ??, un plaque en métal en est tombé, le frigo a été amoché par le bac à légume, la porte du placard/congé ne s'ttache plus à celle du congé, les plaques ne fonctionnent plus et le dessous en est inaccessible.

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Now I can't plan the molotov party with the comrades, thanks Obama!

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Wdym free gluten space is down??? Unacceptable, I'm gonna complain to the CEO of antifa

Does... Doesn't gnucash have a way to make sure you're downloading the legitimate setup program?? No editor rly??

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Trying to use encryption on a kmymoney file on windows sure is something.

Anyone found a way to autohide a taskbar with on a multi monitor setting? It's buggy when on a side in "contact" with another screen.

Si des mutu ici jouent à MTG Arena je peux vous ajouter sur discord pour qu'on s'envoit des invit' de partie!

That was great, thanks for everything!
(And to you who attended the concert, if someone asked you about your binder, that's me!)

C'était supposé n'aller que sur masto, j'ai oublié le crosspost

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If you consider yourself another kind of communist, please tell me what kind if that's ok!

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(I promise it's not a trick question, it's more because I'd like to read arguments in response to the most commonly raised issues)
(Links are fine to send ofc, I don't dare search myself in fear of only finding capitalist propaganda, of thinkpieces only made by privileged communists)

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I wonder how many of you here are authoritarian, and also if you are, can you tell me why?

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Communists mutuals, do you consider yourself:

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