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Hello, Arr0w_root here! Here is my new account. The cybre atmosphere feels nice and cozy.

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Today, I discovered that I read another word wrong... I read "substraction" instead of subtraction. :|

I'm wondering about buying something so I can draw digitally. I heard about the iPad pro for this, I was also considering a cintiq. However, I would also like to know about how these devices handle FLOSS? Is Krita supported on them? Do you have other suggestions?
It's for drawing regularly, though not professionally (maybe in the future, but I'm not counting on it too much). I don't really have a price range.

Proposition de traduction pour cockblocked: "coinsexe"
Merci à

Désolé j'arrive pas à mettre l'image à l'endroit

Hey, je me demande si la mère d'un·e ami·e n'a pas été arnaquée, si vous vous y connaissez est-ce que c'est correct ce tarif? Les toilettes refonctionnent mais n'ont pas été complètement remontées sinon c'était soi-disant 2000€. Sinon, est-ce qu'il y a un recours?

Onyx a des dettes très lourdes et doit faire un virement de 200 euros tous les mois pour les rembourser.
Iel est handicapé'e et incapable de travailer.

faites des repouets, svp, y aurait besoin de 200 euros pour le virement de mai.

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Comment, des TERFs/SWERFs racistes? Du jamais vu /i

Trouver un garage pour un pneu crevé un 8 mai, un challenge.

some days I feel like this guy's got it figured out:

"A French man who has spent more than four months floating across the Atlantic Ocean in a giant orange barrel has arrived at his Caribbean destination."


strain't encadré


RT vivement appréciés :)

Rappel que si je veux acheter un cheval via le CNRS, c'est prévu :thinkgoing:

A community member wants to start working on a native desktop client for #Funkwhale, but is looking for someone with UX/UI #Design skills to ensure the client is usable and well-designed.

If you want to see this happen and are willing to get involved, please get in touch!

gay peoples blood contains. homoglobin

all right thank you for boosting

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