help me find a meme 

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I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival. ~ Audre Lorde

@VyrCossont I am in bed at 22:38 local time. This is a miracle of commitment.

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“Not all trans people know each other”

“What about her?”

“I mean... yeah, I know her...but still!”

hrt surgery query 

I want to go on a vacation who can I visit

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A process for finding the shortest path between lesbians 

Thinking about using social media more again

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Small brain: Cooking is a queer thing because it's a safe niche away from toxic masculinity

Large brain: Cooking is queer because it's an aesthetic of difference (variety!) and survival

Galaxy brain: Cooking is queer because you get to stab things repeatedly

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@kotalee more calm now!! Stop a bit wild but at least less crazy now. How about you??

Is there a site like Newegg except for chemistry/laboratory equipment?

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q. why does windows do [bizarre action]
a. for compatibility. to answer in more detail, we'll need to discuss a flaw in
:brain1: earlier versions of windows NT
:brain2: pre-NT windows versions
:brain3: MS-DOS before networking support had been added
:brain4: CP/M
:brain5: the discovery of electricity

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work in progress art thingy that discusses e.g. suicide and depression 

I somehow managed to loose my (primary set of) keys inside my own apartment

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