how is Stockholm in August? anything exciting to see or do over there in that time?

@Anna Weather should be decent. As for things to do, it depends on where your interests lie. Many museums on various topics if that's your thing. Dining/drinking can get a bit expensive.

@mansr Museums are definitely my thing! Is Stockholm more expensive than London? 🤔

@mansr Alcohol is expensive due to taxes. As well as vegetables, I guess because they are imported; Cucumber is sold per cm. You have to adapt. In my Sweden canoeing holiday as a student I mainly survived on Crispbread and then it was even quite cheap.

Otherwise, Sweden is not cheap, but I would be surprised if it were as expensive as London. @Anna

@VictorVenema @Anna Where did you see cucumber sold by the cm? That's not typical.

@mansr Maybe the price was not per cm, but you could buy parts of a cucumber. At home you just buy one. @Anna

@mansr @Anna I’ve heard good things about the ship museum they have.

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