Does anyone here have a paid plan? Is it any good? I'm considering one for myself as it's probably the cheapest for someone living in Brazil.

I'd consider ProtonMail if it weren't for the great difference in value between EUR, USD and BRL. ~250 BRL is an amount of money that still can make a difference in a year for me. It's almost 50% of what I make as a junior researcher in a month.

@Anna If custom domain name and beautiful web interface is not a requirement, I'd suggest you a - it's pretty cheap (about 1 EUR per month) and works well for me. I use it pretty heavily, really like the quality of service

@alexcleac Custom domain is a requirement, unfortunately. :( I don't mind not having a pretty interface though, just an accessible and responsive one.

I use tutanota as my primary box, it is working well. What would you like to know ?

@liluminus Have you noticed any kind of problem when sending emails (taking too long or popular email services classifying it as spam)? Is it a stable service?

As far as I know, my emails sent throw tutanota have never been mistaken for spam,
On the other hand, tutanota spam filters don't like unstandard prefix for mails ("contact@..." -> ok, "sergio@..." -> spam) but they added numbering on spam folder to know if there is some, so you don't miss them when connecting your webmail.

For stability, I would say, it is not a 99% like GMail/Outlook/OVH but more a 95% like ProtonMail. Because all smaller companies suffer from DDOS Attacks.

Something to know,
Considering the high level of security, it is not possible to use IMAP/SMTP/POP3, therefore, no iMail or Thunderbirds.

Its make it a bit more complicated to find old mails...

@liluminus I like them having an app on F-Droid, making it easier to go Google free without much hassle. Do you use it? Is it good?

😍 and they told me that they would be working on a Gnome App specially for the Librem5.

It is also something that I like about them, they are open to dialog and you can find them on every media.

@liluminus I think that's all I wanted to know. Thank you for taking some time to write me those toots! They helped me a lot. 💕

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