Hot take (is it really one?): Wikimedia's Friendly Space Policy is extremely limited and it amazes me (and makes me extremely worried) how the community seems to think it's enough.

I finally have internet access again after someone (by accident or on purpose? Who knows!) messed up with quite a lot of wires downstairs.

Free software communities feel so much like small towns sometimes. When you less expect, boom!, you stumble upon a person you know thanks to another project.

It's funny and depressing how foreigners get shocked when we tell them what we do in Brazil with so little money.

Milestone: I've just solved a huge pain in the ass on a production server of ours.

Honestly one of the most fantastic talks I've watched: Ellek Körbes' Go For Phallic Object Generation

Hello, it's me

a person that has been finding it so increasingly difficult to publish toots and tweets without compromising some aspect of their private life they are posting less and less even though they miss their online friends a lot.


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