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It's time for some shameless self-promotion. :blobcoffee:

About 6.000 tweets are published on every second, and ~136,000 photos are uploaded on every minute. With so much data available in closed, centralised platforms, one question arises: how will we retrieve it all in the future? That's what we'll discuss @ : how to preserve our own digital legacy (and the challenges we face in centralised and decentralised efforts).

"This is Bi Club. You can't go in unless you can prove you're Bi."

"I don't really know how I can prove that. In fact I sometimes wonder if I'm Bi enough to use that word."

"In you go, Bi friend. Welcome to Bi Club."

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^ that was the best birthday gift I've bought myself in years.

Hello, it looks like I need to go find some more paid work ☺

If you're looking for a contractor who knows Python and Django, then feel free to DM me. Would prefer London work, but could do Nottingham or Cambridge if the work is good.

Recruiters need not apply.

Note: I never had an iPhone or an iPad so I'm getting a lot of second hand info on how the system works.

I'm wondering how many people left their house one hour early and were surprised when they arrived at school or work.

Update: Apple did a patch for that on 12.0.1 but I'm betting they didn't consider it critical and a lot of people didn't update their phones.

^ that toot aged badly as I now know international time standards only use America/SΓ£o Paulo as a reference for UTC -3h in Brazil. I have no idea why Apple messed up.

From my anecdotal observations so far only people in SΓ£o Paulo were affected; for instance, people in GoiΓ’nia told me they weren't. Now I'm wondering if they use SΓ£o Paulo time instead of BrasΓ­lia time and somehow managed to mess up taking their location into account?

It looks like forgot to push a patch correcting the start date of 's daylight saving time. There's a lot of Brazilians quite confused on Twitter as they realized their clocks were wrong and it is one hour earlier than they thought.

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