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When you don't understand a thing about the hottest subject on security at the moment but you still want to feel safe.

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I saw a lot of toots recently talking about the alt text feature on Mastodon with some good information about how you add a description, but I also noticed there's a great amount of people with some doubts about the best way to describe media.

I decided to make a post on my blog gathering some information about it on both Twitter and Mastodon and answering some questions people frequently asked: I hope it helps!

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🚨 You have been Visited, by a Soft and low-resolution Friend!!! You WILL have a nice weekend

Mastalab acabou com a foto que eu enviei. :hhHHHAAAH:

Am I the only person that have this habit of moving my lips like I was silently pronouncing the words I am writing as I type?

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PSA about people who downloaded fb's faux privacy tools Show more

As it's day, I would like to thank the community once again for providing me support when I needed the most, and for being the nicest people to talk to I could ever ask for. :blobmelt:

Será possível ter uma conversa sobre fontes e comic sans sem que as pessoas só repitam coisas como "é horrível e deveria ser proibido usá-la"?

A manhã de hoje está sendo basicamente eu mandando um monte de mensagens de "oi, lembra de mim? Te mandei uma mensagem semanas atrás". Quase um "oi, sumida" profissional.

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What OS and what Desktop is best? Which text editor should I use? Here’s the definitive answer: Show more

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Customers: We like your software but uh, it's got all bugs in it, can you just give us the software without the bugs in thanks

Manufacturer: We hear you! Ship faster, more features, less testing, more bugs! Coming right up!

Customers: That's literally the opposite of what we asked for.

Manufacturer: Now don't be like that. Bugs are just the cost of features. You love features!

Customers: This feature's got antennae and wings. It's leaking goo.

Manufacturer: It's a beautiful fairy. Eat it.

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dog: !!!!!!!!!!!!
me: oh shit whats up
dog: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me: that rules my bud
dog: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me: do you want to get pet
dog: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like Dead Space is available for free on Origin and The King of Fighters 2002 is also free on GOG.

Estou para ver uma administração que realmente está em sintonia com o corpo discente.

Isso que eu nem toquei no ponto de como algumas tornam a vida de um estudante com deficiência difícil. Proíbem ou limitam demais qualquer coisa online.

Algumas parecem até tornar outras alternativas inviáveis de propósito para obrigar estudantes a frequentarem os eventos (pagos) promovidos por elas.

O que mais me revolta em várias dessas resoluções é como muitas sequer consideram que pode ser difícil para um discente o deslocamento a eventos da área de estudos, por exemplo.