teleporting to the platonic realm so i can mine some Mathstone for crafting purposes

mine's fading tho actually, the midatlantification has progressed too far ๐Ÿ˜”

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watching a lp of a game with a voice actor who has a pin-pen merger and i feel represented

a conlang where each verb has a unique subcategorization frame and verb elision is mandatory

as for what happens after that, well

y'know what they say, ex falso quodlibet :owosneaky:

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what if we kissed

in the antecedent of a vacuously true conditional

Basically I want a logic which will let me say just complete garbage nonsense but will also let me reason about to what degree it is nonsense

bees always buzz along beeodesics, any apparent change in the bee's direction of flight is a result of the curvature of spacetime

do you think my future university mathematics students will respect and admire me more if i exclusively teach as a v-tuber

ff14 guide titled "mentally preparing for duties: a guide for <your neurodivergence here> people"

don't worry, it's made up as many reasons to be afraid of you as you have of it

can't exile me to an orthogonal dimensional subspace if i do it to myself first

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i have a lot of feelings about incomprehensibility as a defense mechanism against alienation and i'm going to express that in the only healthy way i can think of: low-poly hymenoptilians

if you need an example of the latter with an adjective that isn't verbally derived, try "apparent" instead

these are examples of non-intersective adjectives, i.e. cases where "an Adjective Noun" doesn't just mean something that is a Noun and is Adjective

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