hark, Gamer's, give me your pinball video game recs (any gen 8 consoles, pc, or anything old enough to emulate)

i fully intend on working a shitpost into the front matter of my dissertation someday and i need to work through the garbage material first

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people keep talking about jacobians but nobody's telling me "yr cool, bee aunt"

i need to find a gen-x engineer sugar daddy so i can play the pinball machine they inevitably have in their rec room

it would probably interact in wild and fucked up way with character balance in a game like smash but i just wanna see that chaos

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finish a match and you get a "do you want more matches like this in the future" prompt

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i wonder if there are any games that approach competitive online multiplayer matchmaking using something like RL-based recommender systems (instead of just your usual skill level matching approaches)

gender presentation is the noether charge corresponding to gender shift symmetry

"hay gurl, did it hurt? when you shed your human flesh to take the shape of a dire beast?"

giving myself five years until i'm giving 100% sincere cape-villain-ass "we're not so different, you and i" monologues

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don't forget to wreck a sanist's epistemological foundations today <3

change.org petition to rename Coming Out Day to β€œTHE EMERGENCE” and for the universe to automatically put reverb on people’s voices whenever they call it β€œTHE EMERGENCE”

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