hey i just made some chip ska for a little thing that's coming soon~

rotate trans people in your head for a sec, yr welcome

So after nearly exactly two years of work, I am proud to make my first official alpha release of Quoll, a programming text adventure: quoll-alpha.netlify.app/

hot take 

yinglet and yuengling are cognates

covid (-), asking for money (not *super* urgent) 

hey friends. my roommate has covid, i'm testing negative, and we can't isolate from each other in our apartment. i'm going decamp to an isolation hotel, which is an . . . unexpected expense. if you can kick a few dollars my way, it would really help: paypal.me/veredshlomeh

i know everyone is being walloped right now, and seriously, no pressure if you're also in the lurch!!! i will make it thru one way or another. but if you do have some extra cash on hand, help would be tremendously appreciated <3

"ah, but andi," you protest, "does one not have hooves and the other paws?"

well yeah!! but like, when they're frolickin out in the grass or the snow or something their tiny little hooves and/or paws are either going to be obscured or moving in a tiny fluffy little blur, making the distinction purely academic

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i can't always tell the difference between a puppy and a goat

Liam Perry is a nervous Bible college TA with a deep, dark secret... one that the school's suspicious new biology professor can't seem to resist exploiting. THE SCANDALOUS SYBIL THROAT #1: THE DOCTOR IS SIN will be available for purchase in book or PDF format this Friday! #nsfw

my brain just screamed "LEGO CAVE RTS" at me and i told it to stop lying

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i saw a lego crystal and got a huge rush of dopamine and suddenly recovered long suppressed memories of lego rock raiders what the fuck

the digimon digi-battle card game is cribbage that drank radioactive green goo from the late nineties

xe who makes a bee out of xyrself
gets rid of the pain of being a man


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