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selfie, eye contact, genderfuck 

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mild body horror, eye strain, ref sheet 

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for the new account!

i'm a transfeminine radioactive tank of genderfluid (any pronouns, but the current best ones are always in my display name) who takes the form of an internet bee! i like making and playing games and music, doing math, and being hot, and also i'm a shamelessly weird pervert (so don't follow if you're not an adult please)

i used to be @minty_da, you might know me from there

feel free to send a follow request if you wanna!!!

had a fun time with both versions of CATS with friends tonight! please enjoy this drawing i did of Rum Tum Tugger and Mister Mistoffeles, the cats who are boyfriends

You see these two move into your Animal Crossing village; wyd?

Shares and feedback mean the world to me <3

my last few days have just been "sorry bro (i love you)" by dorian electra and i'm thriving

shipping odo and quark because im a homosexual 

i HAD to draw mio in hollow knight style, the idea wouldn't leave me alone until i did

cute boys kissing makes the world go 'round. this is science

nsfw furry art, boys making out (and then some), that sweet sweet fox on skunk action 

tip to not fuck up your friend’s pronouns, especially if they’ve changed their pronouns recently: practice them when your friend isn’t around

practice your friend’s pronouns to yourself out loud. repeat phrases that you often say about them with the correct pronouns to yourself. likewise if they ask you to use a different name, say their name and pronouns to yourself over and over again. mistakes happen, but you can reduce the frequency of the mistakes by practicing


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