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for the new account!

i'm a transfeminine radioactive tank of genderfluid (any pronouns, but the current best ones are always in my display name) who takes the form of an internet bee! i like making and playing games and music, doing math, and being hot, and also i'm a shamelessly weird pervert (so don't follow if you're not an adult please)

i used to be @minty_da, you might know me from there

feel free to send a follow request if you wanna!!!


see idk what the fuss is, gender is easy, i didn't even have to think to make this post

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I would NEVER let a tiny kobold tamper with my electronics but unfortunately I have no choice. Look. *hits PS4 eject button and eight of the little brats tumble out covered in thermal paste* I think they just like the taste of the stuff

hey question, feel free to boost and whatever, but what Jewish instances do y'all know of? any instances that center Judaism as the main theme of the space?

re: synthposting 

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the fact that one of these looks exactly like a dragon is either a total accident or this is even more accurate than i realized

re: synthposting 

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i'm one of them people who dress up like stuffed animals and commit sins

y'know, furbos

two gays hunched up in the corner, trading the same genders back and forth for hours

re: selfie, no eye contact 

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every fedi instance gives you a unique bonus

my instance bonus gives me a +2 to all stats when my follower count is a power of two

read all of my followers-only posts in a conspiratorial whisper

remember when humans were a diurnal species how weird was that

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