For the record I like Mastodon a lot and think it's a fantastic project. It's doing something the internet needs, which is decentralized, federated, non-corporate social media networks.

These criticisms come from a place of personal interest and intellectual curiosity -- it's not a hit piece, it's a critical one.

@Ana why not mention other more open projects like pleroma (which I'm posting from right now), which is majority developed by queer folk and is always open to merge requests?

@crushv Actually, I'm interested in writing about Pleroma (as well as federated social networking in general). But for this piece I was much more interested in Mastodon's history and some of the criticisms levied against it by users who left or consider leaving the platform.

@Ana interesting, I just found it odd to display the issues with mastodon while not showing that there are alternatives that don't have many of those just feels like if I read your article without knowing much about fedi I would think that mastodon is the only thing that presently exists (I know you mentioned gnu/social but it's mostly dead) on fedi and that I should just stay away...

@crushv Hm. I see. That's definitely not the intent, but I can see where you're coming from.

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@Ana yeah it just ties into the fact that many more people know about "mastodon" as a social network and not the fediverse, simply due to people sharing instances/software etcetera

if someone who has only *heard* of mastodon (and not actually used it, which is how people typically learn about fedi), they'd read the article and see it as a network not worth even trying, and since software such as pleroma or misskey isn't very out there (and thus they'd never find out that there's more than masto), the likelihood that they'd ever get on fedi would drop to 0.
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