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I bewitched Meetup’s HQ at their Halloween party 🧙‍♀️😊


jesus christ installing pleroma onto an instance was WORK.
but i got it

Along with, what are your favorite instances? Want to hang out on here more

18+, blood pact, erotica 

love me some trans girl erotica

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18+, blood pact, erotica 

Nearly done with the rough draft for my cyberpunk erotica one-shot in between Blood Pact Pt. 1 and Pt. 2. I'm already getting that itch to go back to BP so I'm really really excited to get this one out the door and continue writing about Alexa & Felanya & the next character introduced in Pt. 2.

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The Kickstarter for EXTREME FOREVER: BOUND BY ASH is NOW LIVE! Gay disasters beating up neonazis in giant robots made of meat!

* Kill fascists!
* Meet a god!
* Steal the sun!


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request for financial help 

i'm unemployed and slightly crumbling under medical expenses, any help people could give would incredibly appreciated ;u;

i'm very actively job hunting right now and hoping this won't be an issue soon, but right now i don't have that long before i can't pay my bills and could really use a little boost if you have the money to spare

if not, boosts are amazing 🐝💕$mintyda

been so busy with work but i miss y'all ;;


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aldifjsldifj i've been so busy i'm finally back now ;w;

monster girl discourse, sorta thirsty 

Can we talk about the Beetle Queen? I am perfectly fine with her breaking all of my limbs.

YO risk of rain 2? so good. omg.

Psst, just made a Liberapay account if anyone wants to a) check mine out, or b) buy me coffee. <3

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@Ana might meet your requirements, although it is not federated. is very good, but not a great fit, perhaps, if transparent dispersal of the money coming in is undesirable. is another option i don’t see mentioned as often. good luck! (:

Curious. Patreon is going down the drain. Any open-source, federated alternatives worth checking out?

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nsfw, sex toys 

Hey so! Anyone have any recommendations for sex toys for pre-op & non-op trans women? Hitachi is an obvious one, and I prefer to avoid anal toys (so no plugs & etc).

Trying to a) see what else is out there that's good without destroying my paycheck, and b) collect some, err, "data" for my sexuality column.

Oh, boosts welcome btw.


Most of my Daily Dot paycheck has gone to them (the other half has gone to rent)

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Ordering fried chicken for lunch/brunch (?) because the Crown Fried Chicken down the avenue is just legitimately so delicious ;w;

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