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I bewitched Meetup’s HQ at their Halloween party 🧙‍♀️😊


aldifjsldifj i've been so busy i'm finally back now ;w;

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Psst, just made a Liberapay account if anyone wants to a) check mine out, or b) buy me coffee. <3

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@Ana might meet your requirements, although it is not federated. is very good, but not a great fit, perhaps, if transparent dispersal of the money coming in is undesirable. is another option i don’t see mentioned as often. good luck! (:

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@Ana has a bunch of ethical internet alternatives to things and I think they have something for patreon on there

Curious. Patreon is going down the drain. Any open-source, federated alternatives worth checking out?

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what do you call a ghosts' tits?

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doing laundry at midnight is queer culture

I went to a DSA Queer Caucus meeting last night and it was soo good ;O;

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Tonight there was an International Women’s Strike rally in Union Square in NYC.

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mastodon culture is feeling kinda surprised when you realize someone is cisgender

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