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i tried this obscure trick of "not using my phone in bed at all" and i went from 6 hours of sleep to 7 hours of sleep

i am a fucking genius

motorcycle youtubers seem to be divided into two camps

the first is chill riders trying to make sure everyone has good safe fun on an appropriate bike

the other is "I PUT MY NEWBIE FRIEND ON A HAYABUSA 1300 AND THEY F*CKING DIED [Live Reaction & Funeral]"

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Wordle 393 2/6*


gg ez

Unity (former game engine company) has merged with an actual adware and malware distribution company. That's not an exaggeration. Fake Flash installers, was blacklisted by Microsoft's anti-malware tool, VirusTotal entires, that kind of thing.

Don't build your games on engines you don't have the source code to.

I sent a FIOA request in and the FBI has a heavily redacted 20 page exposé on your Steven Universe discourse blog :/

polyam's will say "wife" but in fact be referring to literally everyone in the polycule


Wordle 389 3/6*


i did it again

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This week on , a little chill puzzlin tune for Drakyen's tetris-like jam game. Enjoy :]

I saw dancing in the moonlight with a big foule dogge


Wordle 388 3/6*


yes, this is my real solve

pizza rolls? damn i sure hope it does, its round after all

plague, snarkiness 

i just don't understand why it feels like everyone except my family is going completely off the rails and deciding to lick doorknobs so they can see Scrunkly Scrimblo Live In Concert. is never tasting food again really worth it??

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plague, snarkiness 

Americans voluntarily going to conventions completely maskless right now be like "I stabbed myself with 10,000 rusty nails and I caught tetanus!! how could this have possibly happened?!"

I'm fine getting laughed at in my P100 if it means being able to taste food lmfao

passed my motorcycle training course and upgrade exam. got a perfect score

now i can seriously consider buying a used bike

boris resigning, abe assassinated, lobster daddy's "up yours woke moralists" meme, elon getting shotgun wedding'd to twitter (the company)... what a week

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