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the problem with everyone inviting me to new instances is that i don't trust them to not fold after a year, either

i guess that's the price of balkanization

*sees a lesbian couple* okay but which one of you speaks archaically and grandiosely and which one of you invents a new neologism every hour of the day

stupid video game discourse 

those people are so pressed about a single video game character possibly being trans, it's honestly hysterical.

btw bridget is trans.

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stupid video game discourse 

so the "bridget isn't a girl" crew have begun resorting to *squints* impersonating employees of the company that made the game to make false statements that support their claim


I forgotten how annoying modern Trekkies are. totally brain poisoned by JarJar Abrams and Battlestar Discovery. shut the fuck up and get out of my mentions.

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gatekeepers out there being like "you don't know what Trek is REALLY about" even though I've been watching Trek since the 1990s and literally saw TNG/DS9/VOY as they were airing as a child... sit the fuck down

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call me old-fashioned but i prefer to start cars with a key

this remote-starter push-button nonsense is terrible

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is such a good return to form for the series that I wanna cry.

no more Battlestar Discovery, no more JarJar Abrams turning it into Star Wars. it's an actually-hopeful look at the future. it's optimistic science fiction again.

yes, really

bet you won't see that in a Heritage Minute

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MK Ultra: A Proud Part Of Our Canadian Heritage

*watching Stranger Things*

*scene where some straight people are making out or whatever*


i don't have a peach problem

peaches have a me problem

video game discourse / guilty gear 

i would rather naive or ignorant people come across Bridget and in some small way learn that gender and self-expression is messy and cool than worry about whether or not it "validates" some idiot fascist's conspiracy theory

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video game discourse / guilty gear 

"but it sends a bad message-" don't care didn't ask and again i'd rather a character have a difficult history with abuse/gender that's fucked up and weird, and live to not only tell about it, but kick people's asses and look cute while doing it

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video game discourse / guilty gear 

Bridget Guiltygear's messy and problematic backstory is way more relatable and honest to me (and I'm sure many other trans women) than whatever sanitized timid horseshit a corporate western studio would ever scrape together inside a focus-tested sensitivity-read boardroom

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