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i have now purchased motorcycle leather and a full face helmet

will post better pictures of me wearing it tomorrow, but for now, here's a sneak peek of the design

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praying to the primordial concept of the big bang for the confidence of a vulture capital stooge dropping $750m on an unregulated, uninsurable bandit bank and claim there was "more risk than fully appreciated"

ngl pre-sanitized lamda rolls pretty hard

if you even imply it would agree with racist views it cusses you out

(left is the question given, middle is "default lamda's response", right is "polite lamda's response")

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free-est country in the world and they send a paramilitary death squad to terrorize someone over graffiti. couldn't you have just written him a ticket? jesus christ

i really never want to set foot in that county again lmfao

"the CDC says it's safe to go maskless"? and if the government told you it was safe to jump off a cliff, would you do that too? pathetic.

ai generated image (cursed) 

i tried using that bot to generate "marisa kirisame driving fred flintstone's car through an initial D stage" and instead i got the flintstones cosplaying as Marisa Kirisame posing next to the AE86

i'm growing hakurei turnips this year

YES that's what they're called and YES i bought and grew them for the name alone CHUNNI RIGHTS

anyway here's the first one i pulled. it's soft, delicate, and sweet, definitely a salad turnip

i've got like 20 more coming this week alone

summer of turnips

my son and his bnnuy

(this is his favourite plushie, he takes it everywhere)

here's a picture of one of my kitties, Burdock, underneath my blankets and cuddling one of my plushies

i didn't set this up, he just did this on his own

he actually has favourite plushies of his own too

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