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it'd be great to have an institution that could serve as a traditional cultural cornerstone with rituals and gravitas that could largely ignore the whims of politics, but instead we got an obscenely rich landlady who comes from a lineage of genocidal monsters

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like yeah people looked up to her and she gave some nice speeches, but never forget where the jewels on her crown came from, or the price innocent people paid for her prestige

i know y'all are probably over it by now but the wave of royalist propaganda up here in Canada is fucking unreal rn

@AmyZenunim if it weren't for my latent christian upbringing screaming bloody murder in my head at the very thought of it (and also the settler implications of it all and you *know* it's going to end up awfully appropriative), i'd be tempted to suggest we create a home-grown God of Canada and adapt a whole new set of rituals to replace the monarchy entirely

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