i accidentally drove along The Bridle Path in Toronto today

private property was a mistake


there's nothing about this that doesn't suck

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@AmyZenunim certain parts of the city are just unbelievably opulent, but the bridle path is probably the worst

@AmyZenunim how is this even in Toronto, isn't it, like, a city or something?

@AmyZenunim this looks like a tackier version of something you'd find out here in the bluegrass on an overpriced ranch or whatever.

@AmyZenunim there's no way for capitalism to not be cruel but I think it would at least sting less if the rich didn't have such awful gaudy taste in everything

@bogpunk yeah fr, it's a caricature of english country life at its worst

@AmyZenunim the thought of it all on fire doesn't completely suck 🔥

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