tbh i kinda hope mastodon and the fediverse stays a place where autistic and neurodivergent weirdoes run wild and it never attracts the attention of the mainstream

no ads, no fucking VCs, just bizarre people who meow at cats and make weird art with thinking rocks

i don't want masto/fediverse to gain "legitimacy" or "relevancy," I want it to be an obscure inscrutable anarchist hole that no corporation or business can or wants access

we need something for us, by us, with us

the moment it gains "legitimacy" is when we start having to play nice with the people who will usurp and kick us out of the spaces we fucking built

fuck legitimacy and respectability. corporations and governments can fuck off.

@AmyZenunim that's honestly why I end up closing twitter every time I check back there and just come back here >_>

@AmyZenunim well, the federation aspect allows us to cut ties with those people though

we can form the network part around us as we see fit, thankfully!

@pixel @AmyZenunim
There’s even some trying to maintain a safe space like queer.af

I think this is a *very* important point.
We have been conditioned to think in globalized, universalized terms, where we are all part of one big community to which we all must eventually conform.
But the Fediverse gives us more control, more ability to be selective.
It returns us to a time when (metaphorically) our little city in Mesopotamia need never feel influenced by what's haapening in China.
We can choose whether we have contact and how much contact we have.

@AmyZenunim At least the nice thing here is we're free to just block any "legitimate" or "relevant" instances.

@AmyZenunim@cybre.space ideally they'd stay on their own borefest instance and we can choose to kick them out of the Federation. But like matrix everyone just flocks to the "main" instance with mastodon in the name and that not only goes against its federated nature but also makes it quite difficult to filter out the people you do want from that instance

@dwarf@borg.social @AmyZenunim@cybre.space Matrix is a much more difficult and expensive project to self-host, though. Setting up a couple Fediverse instances with a whitelist policy to just be you and your friends can be done for a couple bucks and an hour of free time.

@tyil@fedi.tyil.nl @AmyZenunim@cybre.space it's true, I'm hosting this instance on a souped up raspberry pi :blobcatfingerguns:

@dwarf@borg.social @AmyZenunim@cybre.space I just slapped mine on my existing cheap webserver vps. I would've ran a Matrix homeserver on it too if it was feasible.

long ramble about semi-obsolete communication software no one asked for, oops 

@AmyZenunim ...honestly, this made me think "we should do a renaissance of Telnet-ish BBS-/MUD-style communications systems", but I'm not sure why. It FEELS like that would make things more obscure and inscrutable and less likely to be monitored, but in practice, it's... presumably not that much more or less secure? Maybe it'd have the advantage of not having a browser in the data path... idk.

On the MUCK I am on, exchanged messages are ephemeral by default (though you can put persistent things around, or post on one of a few bulletin boards), so the only logs of everyday conversation are those kept by the users and possibly the server operator (though these say they don't log, and I mostly trust them _in this case._) Also someone's presence in an in'game' location, which are the nearest things to chat channels, is very obvious (unless they have 'wizard' privileges which is basically just the server operators.) It seems like maybe this would make it a tad bit harder to just scrape things from the system, given that stuff isn't publicly visible... except that they don't force SSL, so some players are easy to MITM. :/ This is mainly due to the sad state of MU* clients on mobile devices, I think.

@AmyZenunim@cybre.space theres no way to monetize this, except i guess spambots, like email !

@sadie idk, gargon seems pretty intent on sanitizing all of the fun out of the platform and making it as digestible to VCs as possible

@AmyZenunim@cybre.space oh theres yer problem! :asuka_smirk:

mastodon is just, stupid. he wants to use federation as a feature for a platform that makes masto the center of the universe, which is just recreating the same fucking shit but you moved the servers around !!

@AmyZenunim@cybre.space conveniently the other fedi social platform being developed around the same time was smeared heavily by pearl clutching soft beans pwease tag your everything weirdos

pleroma isnt really my thing tho i think when it comes to social media data flows its just as bad as twitter and masto

i am currently here on the anime girl misskey server and its good we have a cat mode in settings that gives your pfp cat ears (with physics!)

@sadie i'm not hopping instances a fourth fucking time lmfao

and without a mobile client i'm not gonna use it at all

@AmyZenunim@cybre.space the only misskey mobile client is in japanese so I havent checked it out but i will get christa to walk me through it

im not saying hop instances im saying its snugglier here


@AmyZenunim I am quite mixed ; on one hand I *do* want to see the broader public using better tools, on the other hand I don't want to see things like it get diluted and recuperated. Probably would be for the best if it *where* to get a good bit more popular, but in a selfish way I do kinda hope it doesn't grow much faster than it is lmao

@AmyZenunim wouldn't it still be possible to create and maintain small free communities even there'll be a flood of normies?

@AmyZenunim Ive never thought of it this way, you make good points.

@AmyZenunim As a newcomer, I aim to support this goal completely! Love the vibe here, the people here, the realness of it. Should have ditched the other site ages ago.

I speak to wasps.
They listen.
It's delightful.
I don't ever want to go back to where people don't get that.

(I quietly tell the moms where is safe to build and where is not. Last year one knocked down her nest and moved. I speak to wasps. Calmly.)


i would accept ads but only ads that fit a very strict set of rules.
1. they have to be very clear that they are ads.
2. they cannot contain rendered content from third party servers. if there is rendered content than it must originate from them directly.
3. they shall not scrap or track, if you want data about a product than that's what polls are for.

weight loss / diet culture / ed 

@logan @AmyZenunim I'd say they should also not be allowed to run a lot of the types of ads I see elsewhere
literally the *day* someone told me in person abt their eating disorder (w my phone in my pocket), I started getting weight loss ads on Twitter which uhhhhh made me very angry

@AmyZenunim I mean... I think the cool thing abt mastodon is that no matter what it's not possible for it to be overrun with corporations, even if it becomes mainstream or they set up their own instances
it's more likely that there would just be a rift b/w the weirdo instances and the mainstream

@AmyZenunim wait it’s weird to meow at cats? That isn’t a thing everyone does? 🥺

I’m just speaking his language…

@maddiefuzz Do you know what you're saying? Do you know what he *thinks* you're saying?

Do you know what he thinks you're intending to say?

I'd be reluctant to get involved with my employers ...


@ColinTheMathmo Honestly by his reaction I think he'd rather I speak english anyway. @AmyZenunim

@maddiefuzz That sounds about right. When I speak other languages to native speakers thereof that's the vibe I get, so I'd expect the same from cats.

Dogs, however, will just love you unconditionally and not care.


@AmyZenunim There could always be a separate server for set up if I understand the way Mastodon works. Kind of separate but within the group.

@AmyZenunim Honest question: where else do you think governments should communicate if not fedi?
It's also worth noting that federation lets you just, not follow any official account. You could mute them, or even defederate from their instance.
But why should people who want to (or just need to) follow official announcements not do that on fedi?

@AmyZenunim So many people who want to be involved in local activism and local politics are forced to do so on Facebook and Twitter. Being able to do it on fedi instead is a net benefit IMHO.


You don't ask for someones real phone number and then expect them not to moderate themselves. Any platform overly interested in who you really are is a bad place for free spirits expressing themselves... my opinion.

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