trans girls who express vulnerability and cuteness are extremely precious and rare, and deserve to be protected

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every time you meet a trans girl who is kind, sweet, and caring, you are witnessing someone who has been falsely accused of every crime and endlessly abused from their day of birth, consciously, painfully deciding not to pay it forward

consider yourself fortunate

autistic trans girls especially sit with the not-so-naive notion of loving kindness as a form of justice and see our dreams violated repeatedly

but we still choose to hold it close to us. despite everything.

because the alternative feels like death, and sometimes leads to death

this is self-aggrandizing but i've earned it

i don't know how you can look at someone like that and not feel compelled to protect them

i don't know how you have the disgusting audacity to accuse them of crimes without a literal smoking gun in their hands

what is wrong with you

no more explanations. no more rationalizations. no more teaching. no memoirs and autobiographies and psych reports and thinkpieces and long twitter threads apologizing for existing

no. what is wrong with *you*?

figure it out. over there. silently. alone.

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