the west is in the worst monoculture of entertainment, all based on exploitation/overwork of artists, built with the explicit intent of extracting as much cash for as little merit as possible, while all independent works go unnoticed or get sidelined

and copyright is to blame

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creators are so undervalued as labour that they are forced to sell "exclusivity" of their art to the worst scum imaginable, all ostensibly for the purposes of "promotion/development," while both the consumers and producers suffer with unfair prices and wages

but humans are natural storytellers, so we latch onto these creations anyways, because that's what we do. companies exploit that, and through copyright, stories do not rise or fall based on actual merit, but through purchasing every single contemporary story in existence (Disney)

copyright is not the preserver of culture. copyright is the death of culture.

any argument made to say "but artists need copyright to survive" is annihilated by how multinationals drive artist wages into the floor with each passing year.

every video game now needs to be a gacha, every movie a Marvel-style action-comedy, every TV show some dreary iteration on The Sopranos, every album a one-hit wonder that gets 200M views on YouTube

art can no longer thrive or evolve. it must merely be exploited.

but even as people recognize this as being terrible, the propaganda continues to be highly effective

the ideology of open source software is at an all-time low. copyright enforcement is at an all-time high. monetizing even small, inconsequential, useless widgets is normal now.

we've all been pushed to the breaking point, and now the thought of sharing anything in the open, under something like Creative Commons, repulses us, because how else will we make money from it, to fund our meagre lives?

and the platforms encourage it.

and so Disney gets bigger

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