Boomers: *spend 50 years implementing anti-loitering laws/overpolicing of public spaces, hostile arcitecture, child protection laws that strip kids away from (marginalized) families if left unattended for 5 minutes*

Boomers: "Why don't kids go outside anymore?? Must be Fortnite"

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@AmyZenunim Throw in mass scaremongering via America’s Most Wanted and To Catch A Predator on constant reruns and you’ve basically got people WANTING to keep their kids inside

@RainierBeringer @AmyZenunim And for those who want to let their kids just go out and play like they used to do when they were young, the kids will be herded back to the house by Child Protective Services.

@AmyZenunim They're all going to die soon. Too bad we can't rush them along.

@AmyZenunim I think its funny seeing video games repeatedly get the blame, especially since the only reason my generation even got out of the house was because of them (arcades)

@AmyZenunim don't forget neighborhoods designed so that you have to have a car to get anywhere

just recently i had to go to a school in a heavily developed suburb and it was two miles from there to the nearest thing that wasn't housing development, and that was a grocery store/strip mall. there weren't even sidewalks, because it was a place designed for cars, not for people, and definitely not for kids

@AmyZenunim and when Pokemon go brings kids back on the streets, these oldies complain about them kids and their phones, and groups of kids socializing on the streets.... I'm in my fifties now, and I really hope (and frankly try my best too) that I will never become one of these grumpy old farts that blames everything on the kids. I consider myself lucky to know some very strong and clever kids with great ideals and willpower!

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