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attention all Touhou gamers:

I wrote a deep and personal reflection on how Touhou Project inspires me to live my best life

"people are allowed to write serious books about serious subjects" yeah and my problem is that they're apparently not allowed to write about literally anything else if a trans woman is involved

let trans women be god mode shounen protagonists once in a f*cking while

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am i the only one here who's crazy enough to give the people what they want??????

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people read a book about a trans woman being beaten and left for dead on the side of the road and be like "wow that's such good Queer Lit" b*tch where's the arc about her gaining magic powers and overthrowing the hegemony that put her there in a satisfying and brutal way? hello??

i mean, who HASNT been attacked by youkai and immediately thought "oh no i'm gay"

the problem with trying not to support companies who union-bust is that if i got really hard-line about it, i'd be left in the middle of the forest wearing leaves as clothes with a package of Bob's Red Mill cornmeal and a sharp stick

Clownpiece except it also has james rolfe reading off every violation of the United States Flag Code she's committed

i literally went to a hospital friday and my phone is telling me i wasn't potentially exposed to anyone with covid

not so sure about that, champ

i want Mamizou as a mom

she's cool and confident and knows everyone, street smarts for years, will teach you how to fist fight if you ask nicely, knows all the best bars and small restaurants to chat up hot women, will disappear anyone who does you dirty

i just learned that "negative ion" quack health products are literally just made of thorium oxide

that's where they get their f*cking "ions" i guess?????? jesus christ

i've got a KN95 mask, over-glasses goggles, and a face shield, so the risk of catching the plague is rather low

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today on Winning Stupid Prizes, i get to go to the ER in the middle of a pandemic because i accidentally hit a nerve in my leg six months ago and now it's inflamed to the point of needing a doctor to look at it

it's probably a benign cyst or some shit, and i'll wear full PPE

being in a constant life-or-death situation might motivate *you* to continue fighting, but for many people, it merely makes them feel burnt out, hopeless, and in need of escape, in whatever form that takes

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maybe it's counter-revolutionary of me, but i think you can simultaneously feel relieved that the current world superpower doesn't have explicit standing orders to oppress certain identifiable minority groups while also understanding that there remains much more work to be done

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