literally i'm gonna arrive the night before ACEN with the Arduino IDE open on my laptop trying to code some patterns that don't suck, hahahaha.

i've wrangled my Trello card all I can

at this point, all I can do is stop fussing and sew the damn thing as fast as possible.

on Sunday, the cape absolutely has to get finished. then i'll have the rest of the time to finish the uniform, hat, wig, etc.

cut and resin'd all the buckram backing today. so that's done.

... *begins sweating*

i don't know how i'm going to complete this thing before ACEN.

literally I have just enough of both the red and black fabric

oh my god

my cape dimensions, including seam allowance: 72" x 55"

my fabric: 72" x 56"


be careful, Sumireko. talking to yourself like that is how you catch the OC Disorder.

kids these days will never know the horrors and tribulations of phpBB.

it's not a huge loss, honestly. although I would've preferred if Twitter hadn't been its replacement.

on my way to a shared art studio I help run, I came across a giant textured silicone dildo lying on the pavement, followed shortly by an explosion of pigeon feathers strewn about

e-environmental storytelling...???

i. i basically have to complete the cape tomorrow. like, no joke, it's gotta be complete and done by tomorrow night, or perhaps Tuesday night if I find the time.

I still gotta have time to make her uniform and do everything else over the next 3 weeks.

tomorrow, i'm cutting the good fabric.

*vibrates with anxiety*

how has NOBODY done a Sumireko meets Doctor Strange fanart? what the hell

i'm helping my wife ( out with her Sanae Kochiya cosplay and instead of getting a custom pattern from Spoonflower she went right to dying her own fabric and doing batik wax resist to get the pattern she wanted.

no half measures.

Reimu shouldn't use ace bandages when doing strenuous things. she's gonna get a compression injury. she's in her mid-30s, she cant get away with that shit anymore

come on Yukari, gap in a binder for her or something. sheesh

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