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I'm a techno-witch from Toronto, Canada, working on games, music, stories, and circuit boards. here is my madness:


yes, really

bet you won't see that in a Heritage Minute

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MK Ultra: A Proud Part Of Our Canadian Heritage

*watching Stranger Things*

*scene where some straight people are making out or whatever*


i don't have a peach problem

peaches have a me problem

video game discourse / guilty gear 

i would rather naive or ignorant people come across Bridget and in some small way learn that gender and self-expression is messy and cool than worry about whether or not it "validates" some idiot fascist's conspiracy theory

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video game discourse / guilty gear 

"but it sends a bad message-" don't care didn't ask and again i'd rather a character have a difficult history with abuse/gender that's fucked up and weird, and live to not only tell about it, but kick people's asses and look cute while doing it

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video game discourse / guilty gear 

Bridget Guiltygear's messy and problematic backstory is way more relatable and honest to me (and I'm sure many other trans women) than whatever sanitized timid horseshit a corporate western studio would ever scrape together inside a focus-tested sensitivity-read boardroom

there's not a lot of girls in the show in general but it mostly shows them having to battle with societal expectations like "girls shouldn't like cars or have confidence" and then deciding to keep driving and living their lives anyways, which is also nice

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watching Initial D again, and it strikes me how even when the series has its awkward moments, a lot of emphasis is placed on the car boys learning that women are people with their own goals/life/desires, which is nice

also the gas station owner (Yuichi) gives the best advice

s/o to the very understanding Jeep driver behind me who asked me if i was ok even after making them miss two left turn lights in a row

i kinda wasn't bc i thought i'd seized the engine or something but it was a nice gesture

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ran out of gas in the middle of a left turn in a busy intersection during rush hour

setting the bike to Reserve didn't help either bc I was on a hill

i coasted the bike down the hill to the gas station and everything's fine now lmfao

thankfully it didn't leak it on anything important, and was safely neutralized w/ baking soda, but it was still like. if I'd dropped my bike with that battery in it, that would've been all over my bike/leg.

the gel-type doesn't have that problem at all. worth the cash to switch.

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a week ago i changed the battery in my motorcycle from a liquid-type to a gel-type. reason being, the liquid ones can leak if tipped over.

i kept the liquid one around as a backup, and, guess what? it tipped over, and immediately leaked acid on everything. 🫠

my wife is singing the misheard version of Hot Limit ("We Drink Ritalin"), immediately after watching Initial D, and also, Bridget Guiltygear is relevant again

this is entirely too much 2002

pandemic saltiness 

if you're willingly going to huge events in enclosed spaces w/o a mask rn, idk what to tell you, other than you're a fucking idiot

if you got pressured into going maskless? stand up for yourself. none of the people pressuring you are gonna help when they get you sick, so fuck em

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pandemic saltiness 

so many of my friends, muts, acquaintances, etc. are all going out to the gym, parties, concerts, etc. without masks, getting acute COVID for 2-3 weeks, post-acute COVID for at least a month after that, and ruining their entire summer

bUt CoViD iS oVer

pouring one out for the carton of eggs i was surrounded by back in those ancient times who were all fascinated by Bridget

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people debating Bridget Guiltygear's gender on the time line... what year is it. i thought i escaped 2001. i did my time

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