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attention all Touhou gamers:

I wrote a deep and personal reflection on how Touhou Project inspires me to live my best life

"I think I'll try converting this OpenGL project to Vulkan," I say, not unlike The Fool, bright-eyed and adventurous, wrapping myself in raw bacon and taking position on a diving board above a shark tank

so many of my mutuals are going to Japan this year it's like "hey i'm popping by Tokyo for a bit, want anything?"

any time i see a random dude being like "Marisa is my wife" i'm like hold the fr*ck up, punk. Marisa is not your wife. *you* are *Marisa's* wife. glad i could clear that up for you

Rinnosuke has a robot puppy named Laika now??? that's canon??????

i can't believe is canon in touhou

i swear to god the three of them have incredible Trailer Park Boys energy when they gather around and talk about shit they clearly have no expertise in (and, y'know, the get rich quick schemes)

the Shrine Squad has a hard time with katakana loan words, apparently




i was a big deal in the MLP:FIM fandom. people legitimately did earnest dramatic readings of my completely OOC twiluna emotional vent fanfic

ah, to be a young adult again

you know what got us through all that?

"oh, I know! Touh--"

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

dad got a terminal Dx, went No Contact with our mom, living with an abusive partner, support network *aggressively* collapsed, both of our cats died in the same month, in the hospital for recurring UTIs dropped out of university, figured out we were plural

fuck, man

some people are like "damn you look miserable in that first photo" I WAS ACTUALLY TRYING TO LOOK COOL but also there wasn't a single facet of my life that wasn't *utterly* burning at the time.

i'm lucky i straight-up didn't go homeless or get moved to the ass-end of nowhere.

i looked like a disasterous soft-butch lesbian who would break hearts and forget names

i did plenty of that too but not for the usual reasons

5000 words today. some of it repurposing old character interactions and refining the voices.

if you wanna hear a sickeningly sweet, ruthlessly energetic song that will hopefully make you pumped for being alive, well, here you go

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