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attention all Touhou gamers:

I wrote a deep and personal reflection on how Touhou Project inspires me to live my best life

occasionally I forget that the final stage of TH17 (latest game released last month) is a literal cyberpunk hellscape

this is very close to a canon interpretation of Sumireko's character as it is. she frequently goes off about capitalism and social oppression basically unprompted.

">claims to see beyond the limits of humanity and civilization
>can't see women and black people as equally human

you hear that? that's the sound of the Old Ones telling you to Log Off"

new headcanon: Sumireko runs a side-blog where she goes off about the sexist and racist bullshit of most "classic" occultist men like Lovecraft and Crowley

what's some stuff that helps keep your life organised? — Trello, Vyvanse, and the desire to not die alone and full of regret

What's the best material to make a witch getup of? Especially the hat. — Depends on your local weather. Wool and felt are choice for cold climates, or linen for warm. Cotton is always good. In general, go for natural fabrics.

I'm only possessed by...


two demons? maybe three

I still go by she/her tho

anyway, while I was playing as her I managed to complete her campaign using her Last Word against Miko and that was incredibly satisfying

I mean she's already made herself spiritually plural and fucked up her life by Violet Detector but hopefully she manages to like, graduate and not murder herself

I beat Urban Legend in Limbo

I'm worried about Sumireko

she needs chuuni friends who can see the Otherworlds so she doesn't go crazier than she already is

people going off about witchcraft like "oh it's evil" "the devil's work" bitch just come over to my house and I swear to goddess I'm gonna make you some herbal tea and make you pet my two identical-looking cats so fucking hard you won't know what hit you

i want a doujin where Wilbell (from Atelier) and Marisa initially meet as rivals but then quickly warm up to each other and go on a gigantic galaxy-brain explosive adventure where everyone becomes utterly terrified of them and dares to not speak their names i open up Unity or Godot, all the bells and whistles and knobs and buttons overwhelm my ADHD, and then i give up in the first 5 minutes lol

maybe i should make like ZUN and just make my own game engine

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