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attention all Touhou gamers:

I wrote a deep and personal reflection on how Touhou Project inspires me to live my best life

i don't cross animals but i'm glad y'all are excited

the Thanos "what did it cost?" "everything" meme except it's FLOSS evangelists realizing that Linux and BSD are now the most popular operating systems in the world...

... because of Android and iOS

fictional cyberpunk: "economic warfare through the theft of valuable trade/state secrets by highly-trained cyborg assassins"

really-existing cyberpunk: "a hedge fund bought out StackExchange, drained it of value, and killed the servers, annihilating the entire tech industry"

but what if i don't want to breakfast

what if i want to breakslow

here's some cool GRAPHS!!! of how this breaks

some of it makes sense, but at other points it's just... seemingly random?

Intel really dropped the ball on this tbh, and that it hasn't been fixed since the 2nd gen Core series is just ridiculous

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and yes, this means sin() has been broken on Intel for over a decade, and ~8th gen processors (like in my MBP) are still broken because now they have to be "backwards compatible" with their brokenness.

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"wait, what do you mean sin() is broken???"

I mean that sin() is literally straight-up fucking broken

gaze upon their works, ye mighty, and slap your forehead:

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the issues I found were hilariously esoteric and I had no debugging tools to work with (OpenGL debugging on macOS is terrible), but this is what I found

1. AMD cards on macOS/OpenGL cannot handle uniform sampling unless texture is locked
2. sin() on Intel is broken (yes, really)

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yaaaaaay, I debugged two major Mac issues for Taisei Project this week

it now runs properly on both Intel and AMD graphics card on macOS

also, v1.4 is coming soon and it'll have a new story I was the lead writer on!

playing d&d

ran completely out of spell slots, down to 1 HP, and beaten half to death with my own broom

good shit

it's actually canon that Mamizou is an agent of the literal Men In Black

"what in the actual fuck is a 'yaoi paddle'?"

it began long ago, on a Gundam Wing/Digimon fansite on Geocities...

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i tried searching to see if Jason Bourne started off as edgy James Bond fanfiction and instead i got results for Bourne/Bond slashfic on AO3

time to break out the yaoi paddle

*reading through Homestuck*

*Megalovania starts playing*

is this an Undertale reference?

my new standard for omniscient AIs is Janet from The Good Place

"not a robot, also not a girl"

want to debug your OpenGL application on a Mac? wrap it in an emscripten instance, load it up in Chrome(!!!!!!!), and then run Spector.Js on it

this is literally the only fucking way to debug OpenGL shaders on macOS in the year of our madokami 2020

there are no alternatives

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