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attention all Touhou gamers:

I wrote a deep and personal reflection on how Touhou Project inspires me to live my best life

it would explain why the Kaguya we see is a placid airhead versus the maniacal murder-happy image she previously had what with all of her extremely violent duels with Mokou (that mysteriously stopped one day)

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so many of ZUN's touhou stories recently have focused around characters having multiple bodies with differing personalities - including LoLK, with Hecatia being Junko's partner (and subtext-girlfriend)

what if Kaguya split off her rage into a separate person?

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broke: Kaguya is Chang'e

woke: Junko is Chang'e

bespoke: Kaguya is Junko is Chang'e

i suddenly stan Reisen. she's gotten such a bad hand in life and has crippling anxiety but she just keeps rolling with it 'cause she's gotta

be nice to Reisen

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Apple will transition over to Apple Silicon for the Mac, and then what? there won't be any documentation. there won't be any ability to use it in a general purpose way. it'll be a black box that spits out iOS apps, and everyone else can go fuck themselves.

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Windows is still Windows, jank and legacy as always. Linux is a pile of half-baked futureology shepherded by angry middle-aged newbie-hostile men, as always. Google is straight-up evil. and now Apple is just another phone company that sells laptops for some reason.

i'm sad.

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ten years ago Apple was accused of having a "Fisher Price OS" and tbh, at the time, that was bullshit

but now? they've wrung their talent dry and promoted incompetent men like Jony Ive (even tho he left) to the top. the deep tech teams walked. the excellence is gone.

apparently this is a common enough text-gag where you just put the speaker's true/alternate intent in furigana, and not intended as an alternate pronunciation guide

thank god i didn't absorb too many of these because for a while i thought they were colloquialisms lmao

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is Okina just being edgy or is she flexing her archaic linguistic knowledge? i'm genuinely interested

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okay there's this weird bit of dialogue in TH16 where Okina is sassing Cirno and the written dialogue implies that 妖精 (ようせい, yousei, "fairy") can be pronounced ばか/バカ (baka, "idiot") due to the furigana but i can't find anywhere that defines that pronunciation lol

looks like it's a simple case of their DHCPv6 server being down or misconfigured in my area

hoping to kick their ass enough to reboot it or smth

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badgering my ISP about IPv6 support because i am a menace to society

okay so Nue Houjuu, a Touhou, is clearly a Homestuck, but which Homestuck is clearly a Touhou? the truth is out there

happy cat is dead. grumpy cat is dead. all that remains is mercilesslyindifferent cat. don't take them from us too, 2020

i'm not gonna quote tweet the guy but that "women are just pretending to be autistic because it's cool" is one of the most universe brained things i have ever seen. in what reality is it cool to be autistic. please isekai me there right the f*ck now (spoilers it's Gensokyo)

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