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attention all Touhou gamers:

I wrote a deep and personal reflection on how Touhou Project inspires me to live my best life

*sees a lesbian couple* but which one of you only watches good animes and which one of you watches all the bad animes to find the good ones to watch together

well, I recorded a draft of my script today, but damn, I sound sooooo nervous. I'm gonna do a Take 2 tomorrow and try to be a little more loose and casual

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i'm mostly talking about tripping over your damn mouth constantly ahahaha

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recording a voice track is so hard, what the f*ck

podcasters, what is your wisdom

GoU is a book about a bunch of powerful women and girls gathering around and complimenting each other on their grace and beauty and I think that's great

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I love the part of Grimoire of Usami when Toyosatomimi no Miko shows up and everyone (even Reimu!) is like "oh god oh fuck she's so cool and hot"

everyone's gay for the futch trans girl

*watching Princess Principal*

Me, episode 1: "this seems ok but idk if i'm into it"

Me, episode 8: "If Ange and Charlotte don't hook up and revolutionize the world together at the end of the show I will literally start flipping tables and write a letter to my MP"

also, these aren't "pro" sound tiles or anything, they're like $0.50 foam squares i got from the internet lol

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alright, I have the soundproofing tiles up in my "recording studio" (1/4 of a bedroom)

i'll probably end up using the $20 Blanket Soundbooth (putting a blanket over your head and the microphone) tho, because my neighbourhood is SO NOISY

holy shit ZUN really took a stand against bi erasure

i didnt realize i could stan him harder

"what if it runs out of fuel?"

"I'll just stick Marisa out the back and have her Master Spark us all the way home"

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i love how Silent Sinner in Blue is about Remilia slamming a National Geographic on a table, pointing at it and saying "I want a Saturn V rocket" and Patchy asks "why" and Remi's like "I wanna go to the moon, obviously"

and then Patchy makes her a f*cking rocket AND IT WORKS

i'm noticing that trend in shounen shows of "the protag's True Strength comes from Empathy" (Mob Psycho 100, Demon Slayer, Natsume) which i'm honestly 100% here for

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anyway, i recently binged Mob Psycho 100 and so my standards for shounen anime are probably Unreasonably high right now

DS isn't a *bad* show (protag is an optimistic boyscout which i'm a sucker for) but i'm at episode 16 and i feel like this show should've been 13 episode

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idk, touhou has a demon locked in a box, her name is Ibaraki-douji and she's evil, mouthy, and hot. it's hard to compete against that

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i'm trying to watch Demon Slayer and...

it's so slow

so very little happens in every episode

also why is the only girl a mute puppy locked in a box

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