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attention all Touhou gamers:

I wrote a deep and personal reflection on how Touhou Project inspires me to live my best life

and i mean, whomst'd've amongst us hasn't had to grapple themselves on occasion, really?

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ZUN really has the "terrifyingly-pretty and pretty-terrifying eccentric woman" aesthetic down to an art

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ZUN has an impeccable way of making me fall in love with his characters and idk how or why

i went from being like "who tf is Kasen" to being like "HERE'S A LIST OF KASENS I'D LIKE TO HAVE AS A MOM SOMEDAY" in like two days

*sees a lesbian couple* ok but which one of you corrects people with "whom" and which one of you "corrects" people with "whomst'd've"

Yes indeed, quite splendid.

Alas, our museum already has fossils such as these.

I am indeed tempted to purchase these for my personal collection...

But no. I must exercise restraint and return them to you now.

god, and it's not even election season yet

there is absolutely no way Trump is going to hand over the keys if he loses

this isn't going to end until this time next year, one way or another

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i'm Canadian and there's basically nothing i can do rn about the US falling into fascism

i can't sleep because of the anxiety, in addition to being shut in for three straight months

i gotta go back to RTing fanart for a while or i'm gonna lose it

i'm sorry

as I said before, I'm focusing on what's happening in my own city, because this is the only place I can conceivably make a difference beyond adding to the already-deafening noise of everything on social media right now

everyone who kins Marisa is valid, except racists. racists don't get to kin Marisa. racist Marisa is invalid. log off

jesus christ y'all

please be safe, american friends

"see? ZUN says Japan survives because of its 'CHOSEN PEOPLE'! ergo, ethnostate!"

no. it says "remaining chosen people."

the ones who "remained" after capitalism committed a eugenicist genocide.

and how they were *lucky* to avoid the worst outcome.

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someone just QRT'd this thread saying "see? ZUN is a ethno-nationalist"

some people are simply beyond help

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villagers sassing me this early in the morning. i don't deserve this. i'm innocent

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