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Final reminder that I have fully moved to @robbie in light of's closing down! Follow there for all my great posts and also all the updates like this one:

#FeatherWiki version 1.4.2 is now available from!
Features: better Markdown parser, better support for non-English writing, more customization options for the menu, & more!

Full release notes:

@robbie I guess the "Move Followers" thing only works for Mastodon-to-Mastodon moves. Oh well. Anyway, incoming follow requests! 🚨

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Alright, this might not be the last time, but after using it for a bit I don't like Friendica, so I'm gonna switch over to @robbie for now! I don't know how healthy the instance is, but I like the domain so I'm just gonna hope it'll stick around for a while for me! Also maybe the "move followers" action will work when transferring to Pleroma. We'll see!

Ok it looks like the best I can do is set up a redirect, so that's what I'll do instead... Anyway yeah! Follow me at my new account (@robbie) instead if you want to keep following me! See you there!

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Oh, uh, ok I guess I can't do this from a Mastodon account to a Friendica account because I can't set an "account alias" from Friendica? Dang.

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Geez, the "move account" interface sounds so dire... I'm nervous, but I'm gonna do it! I love you,! I'll miss you!! 😭💖💖💖

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Yes it's true. Effective immediately, I am moving from my account to the new @robbie account as my primary Fediverse presence! I still have my other mastodon accounts (linked in my profile), but this one will become read-only in November before being shut down next year, so I'm getting ahead of it.

I'm really gonna miss, but I'm hoping my new experience will be a good one!

Onward to the future!

New platform, new #introduction! Hi, I'm Robbie Antenesse, best known as Alamantus online. I'm: a web developer who makes helpful niche web apps like Lexiconga & Feather Wiki #webDev, a hobby game developer who makes small game & #TTRPG systems like GUTS+, a linguistics enthusiast who enjoys #conlanging, a #dog dad, and a homeowner.

I'm sadly emigrating from as it shuts down to my own single-user instance of #Friendica because it was one of a very few Fediverse apps that will actually run on my traditional web host. The "" domain is a weird free one, but I kind of liked it because it almost works like a portmanteau of my last name and "animal" (and barring that, it's also just my last name). But the moment I figure out how to use my domain on my web host without needing to change the nameservers, I'm definitely switching to that!

I do have a bunch of other Mastodon accounts that I still use for various topics:

Tabletop Gaming - @Alamantus
Linguistics & Conlanging - @Alamantus
Books & Reading - @Alamantus
Cooking & Food -

But this one will be my general-purpose one where I'll mostly talk about life and code and random shit.

Ah shit, shutting down means I'm gonna have a lot of dead accounts in my follow list... I hope it's not too hard to find peoples' new accounts 😣

omg I got it working!! I found the log setting and was able to turn on debug, and combining that with reading the code, I was able to determine that I simply hadn't allowed a tolerant enough "Maximum load average"!

Apparently, this checks the average number of processes over the past 1 and 5 minutes, and if it's above the set threshold, then it won't run. Since I'm on a shared web host, of course this won't be lower than the number of users they put on a server, which is apparently more than 20.

Setting this to a number higher than that has allowed the worker to run, and it's actually working now!! 🥲

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Ugh, this is the worst and I'm SO frustrated!! I have set up, I can use the app and create posts and all that, but the `bin/worker.php` file doesn't do anything! There's a bunch of stuff in my queue that isn't being processed! I have a cron job set up, I've tried running it from the command line, and nothing happens! I even added an echo at the end to make sure it reached the end and yes, it reaches the end of the file instantly.

Not even running the `bin/daemon.php` script is doing anything! The process is running, but nothing appears to be happening, and the queue remains. What the fuck!

I can't find anything helpful on a web search, so I guess my only option is to uninstall everything to try again from scratch and just hope it works next time??

Friendica looks promising... The requirements are fairly similar to your average WordPress install, so if just might work! I'm uploading the files now, and we'll see if it works when it's all up there!

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Yikes, looking through the options on doesn't make me feel very confident that I'll actually be able to use my web host for something like this... It's just too underpowered.

I'll still hold out hope for a little while though!

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FML, ok, so correction my web host only provides access to versions to up to:
- PHP 8.1 (actually fine)
- Node version 14.18.3 (yikes)
- Python 3.9.12 (ugh)
- Ruby 2.7

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In light of's impending doom, I'm investigating (lightweight) servers to run on my (shared) web host ideally that I can use with @tootapp (not a dealbreaker if I can't). Any assistance, insight, and/or recommendations anyone might provide would be greatly appreciated! :boost_ok:

## Requirements

I am able to run , , , and apps, but I'd prefer PHP or Node apps because I know those languages. I have access to MySQL for databases, 1GB of RAM to work with, and ~20GB of storage space total (not a dealbreaker, I can get more).

In addition to this, I need something that's 1) low maintenance, 2) easy to manage, 3) fairly reliable, and 4) storage-friendly.

## Nice-to-have

Single-user servers intrigue me, so I'd love to use one of those if possible. I love Misskey's emoji reactions, but I hear Misskey is a heavy mess of an app and the single-user Dolphin fork appears to be dead now. Anyway, suggestions in that direction would be cool.

Thanks in advance!

Well shit! I came on here to complain about Heroku's free options going away just to find out that is dying This sucks 😭

I'm revisiting my old OversimplifiedJS game engine to potentially use for my game idea, and I've found myself working on finally completing the documentation for the engine instead of the game itself 🤦‍♂️

Omg I've had this game idea for years that I couldn't figure out how to make it compelling to play, and I JUST came up with a really good gameplay loop for it! I'm dying to dive into working on it now 😭

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