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Almost all the lights in our house are LEDs now! 👍 😄

Who else imagines the horrible deaths that the yous in parallel universes die whenever you're doing anything marginally unsafe?

The Flame in the Flood for Switch is 50% off right now (~$7.50), and it's pretty good! It's a survival game, one of my first ever so I'm garbage at playing it, but I'm enjoying it quite a bit! You get a dog and he helps point out pickups and you pilot a raft on a river. I've died of starvation 4 times because I got a checkpoint right after starving, and I don't know that I'll ever beat it (or if it's beatable), but it'll at least be an entertaining change of pace from Zelda and Stardew Valley!
:donphan:​ :masto_ball:​

We're a Mastodon instance for fans of the Pokémon Franchise!

We have:

:tick:​ Enhanced Mastodon features thanks to the glitch-soc fork (doodles, local-only posts, and more!
:tick:​ Custom emojis for every Pokémon, and @mutstd emojis
:tick:​ A friendly community, protected from hostile instances in the federation

Do you want to join a new instance, or know a Pokéfan who wants to join Mastodon?

Consider joining or telling people about!

I miiiight be able to get away with just using free services like Github Pages and Heroku for web hosting for a while until I can figure out how to do my own hosting! 🤞😬🤞

Ugh. My brain is completely not in the right place to work today. 😬

I'll try posting this again with the non-autocorrected link:

I hooked up my one-time pad generator to's api to generate truly random pads!

I hooked up my one-time pad generator to's api to generate truly random pads!

Ima make Lexiconga open source on Github again. No need to close the source til I start adding paid stuff, right?

I'm still constantly surprised by the number of people who actually use Lexiconga. I just ran a report for fun and the biggest dictionary has over 900 words while the next biggest has just over 500. Crazy.

Encrypting a message with a one-time pad can be the most secure form of encryption ever as long as both you and your partner don't let the pad be seen by anyone else and you either destroy it immediately after using it. It's also super easy to do!

So I made a little app that will generate it for you! Just type a message and it'll give you a one-time pad and the encrypted message!





Every family name should receive a permanent `.family` top-level domain that never expires. That way, we can use UUID v5 ids tied to those domains to generate unique ids for people instead of just using your Social Security number or whatever for your identification.

Black Panther was fucking awesome. I want Wakanda to be real!

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