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Petition to make all months 30 days long and have a 5-day (or 6-day for leap years) intercalary period between years where everything stops and everyone just rests before starting the new year.


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Girl, are you a sham? Because you are something false or empty that is purported to be genuine; a spurious imitation!

I finally just looked at the top popular games on and I'm pleased to see some actually different games. The same like 5 games were on top for MONTHS before I checked it again today.

My favorite shop-naming scheme is “World of _____”, because it promises so much.

To follow up, it’s high-tier comedy when that place severely under-delivers.

I just had my first horse get killed in botw! 😭😭😭

I just tried super Mario odyssey for like half an hour for the first time, and I must say, it’s the best 3d sonic game so far.

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Here is a friendly reminder that I have moved to @sina <3!

Trying to find where things are in Breath of the Wild based on their relative positions in Ocarina of Time is fun.
Where the hell is the deku forest? Who knows, but maybe it’s south of kakariko village like it was before!

I’m so excited for some quiet time. No sound, no talking—just sitting in silence

I don’t know when I’ll get it but oh man I have been bathed in noise for days

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You did it!

You made it through 2017!!

It was hard and it was rough and it hurt sometimes, but you made it! It's 2018 now!

I'm proud of you! ^.=.^

Let's see what we can make of this year together, shall we? ♥️

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I have about 20 hours available in my work schedule for new small and medium sized projects.

I'm a graphic designer and web developer with over 15+ years experience (yes, I'm old) and I specialize in building end to end projects.

Currently, I'm on the hunt for creative projects ie writers, illustrator, photographers, but if it's a slick idea I'm always open.

For some deets about my work check For info about me and my background, feel free to DM.

I’ve decided that I’m going to finish Lexiconga this month. 2018 needs it as soon as possible, and I must provide it!

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Anyone know where I can catch up on Doctor Who legitimately? I’m sure I could pirate it easily enough, but I want to at least try to do it legit first this time 😇

Clipping your dog’s claws is the single most horrible and stressful thing you’ll ever be required to do 😭

Jesus Christ, FUCK Chrome’s CORS preflight bullshit. I have “Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *” set in every goddamn response header and Chrome is still rejecting. Fuck you, chrome! It’s my own goddamn fucking app!!!

Just watched Mulan again for the first time in forever, and I have no idea how the passage of time works so much better than it does in Moana. Moana feels like no time passes at all, making the events seem implausible, but Mulan’s passage of time feels believable somehow.