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There's still no game engine like GameMaker... I absolutely adore the ability to create/edit sprites and rooms and code all in one big IDE application. But it sucks that YoYo is so hostile to its customers :/

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Ew, Game Maker is subscription-based now?? God damn it, just make software! Stop with the services and subscriptions for tools!

Damn, my brain did not boot up with the social interaction extension loaded this morning 😬

I just today noticed a 3 year-old pull request on my fun-word-list npm package that fixed a ton of mistakes with like 75 plural nouns, and I merged it in! Also it's got a CC0 license now:

I just want software to *stop* 

Is your software complete? Stop adding features - only bugfixes, and don't break compatibility. It should keep working forever.

Is it still incomplete? Then you must have a plan to make it feature-complete in the near future. Reduce the scope if necessary - make a sequel later! But get a finished, stable version out first.

Either you are responsible for maintaining every version you release, or you are responsible for perfect backwards compatibility.

omg this is wonderful! It's the opposite of the frog riding on a fox that I asked DALL-E for, but I love it anyway!

According to DALL-E, this is "the coolest hat lost in the most awesome place"

Wait wait no, I missed something even more obvious -

Reintroducing WOLVES to golf courses.

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Picked up Animal Crossing: New Leaf again the other day. Did you know that if you start a new town, Tom Nook offers to buy your current town for a ridiculous amount of money?

Anyway, I have 96 more daily installments of ~86,000 bells coming to my in-game bank account, I can buy everything from every store each day, and my first 2 house upgrades are paid for! :floshd:

Mosquitoes could have evolved literally any way that could have made their parasitism mutually beneficial or at least not terrible, and yet they cause awful itchy bumps for days instead. They could have ensured their meals by evolving to have antiseptic saliva, take tiny sips from hosts, and leave numb or even pleasant sensations but instead they are filthy and disease-ridden and abhorrent!

That's so unnecessarily hostile that I'd call it evil. And that's why I believe that we as a species should do everything we can to eradicate mosquitoes, more than anything else (including wasps (insect categorization)!), from the planet.

The 3DS homebrew community has made some unbelievably cool stuff!! Here's a doc that walks you through a bunch of the stuff you can do with links out to just about everything you need to hack your own safely:

I hate exercising so fucking much. It is the least rewarding activity I have ever performed, and everyone who says it "feels good" or "produces endorphins" are fucking liars. It's BORING, it HURTS, it's EXHAUSTING for no reason, and it's BULLSHIT that theres apparently no other way to lose weight and feel healthier??

How the fuck am I gonna keep doing that if it's just miserable the whole time every time? I've never felt healthier after exercising, but for some reason I hold this belief that if I do it enough, someday I'll magically start feeling healthier when I do things and be less out of breath going up and down the stairs when I do the laundry.

FUCK exercise! This is hell!

The biggest drawback I can see is private keys for cloud storage APIs. You can't hide those with a static website, so it would be exposed. Not great. Hmm...

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Idea: A tool for non-tech people to generate a static website that lets users save & load CMS content by using an external cloud storage service like Dropbox, Mega, etc. so you can host a full website for mostly-free

This is quite famous, but I'm betting that not *everyone* knows about this website, and that would be a shame.

507 Mechanical movements is a steampunk npm, containing virtually every concievable thing that is possible with gears and levers

and now it's animated for the internet.


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