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Why??? I have plenty of space on the drive, and the drive is fine and usable, and it got to this point without issue! What's going on?! 😭

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If this Clonezilla process actually ends up working, I'm probably gonna actually cry

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I'm biased cos I'm involved in the #Scuttlebutt community but I think running a server should be as easy as installing an app.

I don't really wanna be involved in a new software stack that keeps the same hierarchical distinction between server admin and user.

work +; web accessibility 

I was just on a call with the city of Denver web team to go over the of one of our web apps, and it was so cool to see someone as enthusiastic and knowledgeable about a11y! I also learned that the tool Axe by Deque is very problematic with its a11y analysis and learned about a new tool to use instead: Wave by WebAIM (which in turn reminded me about!)

It was just nice to see, and I'm excited to learn more about how to improve experiences for people online!

alcohol (cocktail recipe) 

I was trying to figure out what I could do with this small batch gin we got from Costco, and I accidentally discovered a cocktail that tastes just like being in the Rocky Mountains right before it's about to snow.

1.5 oz gin (I have Hendrick's Lunar)
0.75 oz maraschino liquor
0.75 oz mixed berry syrup (I have Kodiak Cakes Mountain Berry syrup)

Fill a shaker with ice, combine the ingredients inside, cover, and shake till the shaker is frosty. Then strain out the liquid into your favorite cocktail glass and enjoy the brisk chill of the mountain air.

Behold. A memory frame. A woven tapestry of ferrite cores whose polarity can be switched using electrical charges, thereby storing bits of information.

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My partner is so fucking awesome! She took 6 months to write out an incredibly thoughtful blog post coming out as bi (to post on coming out day) and also explaining all the ways the evangelical church hurt her and how it's connected, and she's been dealing with questions like a badass. She's making boundaries and letting people know what questions aren't appropriate and is generally just so amazing 😍

Ah damn it, my old Nook simple touch e-reader doesn't support Unicode and thus can't render Japanese 😭

Why are hiccups just so awful? And why can I never just clear my damn throat without getting them??? Life is terrible when I'm hiccuping 😭

I'm slightly interested in Windows 11, but I don't want to change my setup. I'll probably check some reports about it sometime next year.

I was looking up what the hell "Cashtags" were on Twitter and the post that came up is an article that goes into way too much detail about how it's just a hashtag intended for things about money/stocks, and I have no idea when the functionality was added to twitter because the post has no date!

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Hey. You're not cool or modern if you don't include the post date on your blog post. Stop leaving it off or making it auto-update to keep it looking fresh!

I'm advocating for this functionality on EVERY form of media that enables interaction, including blog posts and forms of social media. I very rarely want to write a comment, but I'll search for the right emoji response every time!

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But seriously, arbitrary emoji as reactions to any form of media that enables interaction is infinitely superior to simply liking/favoriting it!

Let me put 😭 or 😢 on a sad post and 🎉 or 🤯 on something cool/exciting without creating a whole new post, dang it!

For art style, I imagine something similar to Dilbert or other super corporate illustrations. I don't know the specifics, but I feel like I remember 90's style office art where people had long, thin heads and large bodies and everything was sort of dreamlike? I wish I had more examples, but if you know of something that fits that description, I'd love to have that to reference!

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So I have an idea for a tabletop game, but I want to know if something like it already exists.

Here's the pitch:
You and your fellow players are software developers who must collaborate to finish a project on time while dealing with the everyday distractions of business requirements.

Cards generate the project & distractions, you have tokens you can spend to make progress, and various other things buff or nerf your energy use, and you have a limited number of turns to win.


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