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The project is ending, and I'm bummed about it, and I'm still sad that the planned social features were removed from v1.0. It was such a cool project, and I wish it could've jumpstarted the Accessible Web 1.0 movement for less technical people. Oh well. Maybe the next thing will help bring us closer.

Gopher and Gemini seem like cool projects, but they're not really for "normal" people—my friends and family won't use it because it's not easy, and that's the biggest problem for all of these kinds of cool projects that puts control back in the hands of individuals.

auto cw: could contain food 

Sandwiches are Good™

Also, why do I long for community without putting in the effort of being involved in the community?

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Why do I feel nostalgia for things I've never experienced that don't exist anymore

@dzuk You’re thinking about this?

De-Escalating Social Media
Designing humility and forgiveness into social media products

Mastodon evangelism, a post I made to Facebook 

There is a free, open-source, federated social media platform called Mastodon. Most social media is for-profit, driven by advertising and uses manipulative tactics to decide what you see. The goal is to keep you compulsively checking, clicking, and engaging so you spend more time on the site and get more revenue.
Mastodon doesn't do that. You can set up your own instance (it's like having your very own twitter-like service) invite your friends, and follow and connect with other instances and people doing the exact same thing.
Posts show up in the order they happen. None of this "we're only going to show you the 'Top Posts' to make you happy/angry so you keep scrolling." No psychological algorithmic manipulation, and it's free.
Here's the kicker. I literally *can't* link to the page describing Mastodon service on Facebook, because that page has been flagged as spam on Facebook.
So, if you are interested, and the algorithm doesn't bury this post in oblivion, you can find out more at the website JoinMastodon dot org.

Alright, here's where you can play my 2021 submission in all its incomplete glory:

I intend to finish it ASAP and update the page when it's ready!

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Whoa, I either wildly misread the end date, or it changed at some point because it's due NOW! Yikes. I'll at least put up a "demo" of the incomplete game to submit.

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Is there STILL no way to use iMessage on Windows? Dang.

Yeah, I'm definitely not finishing this game on time. I'll release what I've finished on Wednesday, but it's woefully incomplete. I've become too busy in life to finish game jams anymore it seems...

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Ugh I'm too stupid to implement A* grid movement in the


A human-readable schema for specifying a relative location of near-by things with corresponding auto-generated plain text diagrams and a protocol handle called ‘real://‘

Also being discussed on HN

Hat tip to @minikomi for posting this on the fedi

Anyone else seeing this? I made a comment that included "" and got this from Facebook.

Oh my god! I just watched Come From Away on Apple TV and it was SO GOOD! Such a delightful true story and so sweet!

an alternate history where SVG won over HTML. one where someone wrote some javascript that dynamically resizes the SVG viewbox depending on display resolution, and implements a grid-based layout system

Stupid that we have to go to sleep every day or be uncomfortable. Like hey dumbass body, we literally JUST did this last night. Can we just play video games now and do your thing later or something?

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Who the heck is Robbie?'s choices:


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