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hey fedi! I've been dipping my toes into fiction writing. I wrote a short story about the internet, big internet bills, morel mushrooms, and also aliens, sort of. you might like it! please be gentle, it's my first story since I was a kid.

#fiction #writing #scifi

After I've been evaluating a lot of #opensource #videoediting applications for #linux, I stumbled over #shotcut - finally a tool that is intuitive to use, feature-rich and does not crash!

Not sure if anyone joined me for my stream, but it was a little bit better this time! I didn't get much actual work done, but it was fun just listening to music and going back through my code.

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Ok, tonight I'm going to do a dev stream FOR REAL tonight at 8 pm Mountain Standard Time (2 hours from now)! Gonna get to work on making status updates and progress work!

I'll post a link to the stream(s) closer to when I'm starting, so stay tuned!

I'm thinking about the late GameSprout website again, and it's really worming into my brain. I would probably not use it myself, but I know having the idea hub available for video games would be a great thing... I have lots of ideas for how the service could work, and I can host it more or less indefinitely....... but it's yet another project that I'd be starting, and I just really need to stick with what I've got. ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

It worked! I am ecstatic! Next time I stream, I'm gonna do it there so I can have access to chat! I'll also stream and upload recordings to PeerTube, but I'll recommend people use the Owncast page if they want to chat. :)

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Hmm so I guess I need to recompile with the plugin to enable streaming with from my URL? Or wait, maybe not. Gotta check internal IPs and maybe I can get to it by my internal network...

Well that was a little embarrassing and a big waste of time, BUT now the computer's all set up for the *next* time I do an actual Readlebee dev stream. At least I forgot to hit record so there's no evidence of my botched stream.

Sorry again to those of you who joinedโ€”next time will be better, I promise!

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I'm still getting set up, but here's the link so you can watch when I'm ready! I'm starting the stream now so feel free to join whenever!

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Alright, I'm planning to start live streaming some dev work in about 40 minutes at roughly 7:20pm Mountain Standard Time (that's the time zone in Denver, Colorado). That should give me just enough time to set up OBS and everything on my new computer...

I'll post a link when I go live, but it'll be on this PeerTube channel:

I'm thinking of doing a dev live stream later today. It's gonna be extremely boring and probably consist of only dependency updates, but maybe I'll actually get some UI stuff done too, who knows!

I'll probably be streaming on, and I'll update again if I end up actually doing it!

I just read the first Softies book by @Smeallie and it's really good and fun! I hope there's more to come! ๐Ÿ˜„

Get a copy here:

It's also a webcomic on that website but you should get the book if you can!

Just reinstalled the Small Technology Foundation Owncast server using Site.js and the new one-line installation command worked like a charm.

To run your own Owncast server is now as simple as:

1. Install Site.js:

wget -qO- | bash

2. Install/enable Owncast in production:

site enable --owncast

Thatโ€™s it! Youโ€™re up and running with Owncast. Now go change your stream key to something secure and start streaming ;)

#SmallTech #SmallWeb #Owncast

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