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I just realized I've been wearing my fucking mask upside-down all year long holy shit

Kindness costs $0.

If you can't be kind, shutting the fuck up is also $0.

Alright, following up on the install:

* It took 3 full days to index my ~63GB of photos and videos. (Server is a laptop with 2 cores, 6GB RAM, and all the other apps/services were running/taking up ~2GB memory)
* The wait was well worth it! Viewing photos is significantly faster than with the NextCloud Photos app, which was my main hope
* It successfully tagged most of my dog pictures as dogs, which is cool, but none really of people?
* Tagging by color is cool
* The search is pretty fast!
* Archiving and creating albums is nice and easy
* It works great on mobile! (Like to the point where I really need to learn how to do some of the things they did for my own web development career)
* I set mine up so you can't upload/delete files, so it doesn't index new files by itself, but it's easy to do straight from the interface via the "Library" menu!
* I have no idea if labeling images helps the AI categorize things, but it does help with searching

Overall, I'm glad I have it now!

@zatnosk @celia

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Two and a half full days of indexing for PhotoPrism, and itโ€™s affecting my server's performance quite a bit... I'm getting a little nervous, so hopefully it finishes soon... when I looked earlier today it was up to 2017 on the file names so maybe the rest will be faster??

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tired: astrology is fake

wired: astrology is as real as any concept is, because people believe in it, and belief in things gives them weight

inspired: astrology is realer than keynesian economics or the stock market, lmao

I've installed PhotoPrism on my server so I can look at my pictures in a better way than Nextcloud provides by default, and it's been indexing my pictures all day long with no end in sight....

evangelical Christian stuff 

Holy fuck my partner just reminded me of the existence of the "Christian flag" and the pledge that went with it. Aaaaaaaaa I'm dying ๐Ÿ˜ญ

God damn it Collabora is gonna kill meโ€”it keeps crashing and I don't wanna pull out the server every time it happens!

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Selfie, eye contact 

It's snowmageddon but damn my hair looks great

There was supposed to be a snowpocalypse this weekend starting at midnight this morning but so far it's just wet, and the temperature is still above freezing... I was kinda looking forward to chilling inside, watching movies, and watching the snow pile up.

Ten new listings, all queued up and ready to drop at 1PM EST tomorrow (Saturday) at Discount code is WELCOMEBACK10.

The two floral dragons are the only ones there won't be more of (I'm out of the floral fabric), and future dark lime dragons won't have a shamrock (unless someone specifically requests one, I guess). Except for the black rainbow mochi, I have more of the rest in progress already. So some quantities might go up a bit before the drop.

#plushies #art #sewing


Oof had my first dev wall at my new job today. The app just randomly stopped behaving how it was supposed to and I can't figure out what's going on at all. If someone else can't help me, I'll have to nuke my local environment and hope that starting from scratch solves my problems.

There's an owl hooting quite loudly outside and oh good lord it's late what happened

The fediverse is a public forum.

Your posts are only as secure as the admins of every instance that your home server federates with, in terms of private and followers-only messages.

If you're going to talk about sensitive information, keep it to Signal or other secure 1-on-1 channels.

Assume that everything you post to the fediverse, is being scooped up by multiple gov agencies around the world.

The Milan scrape was only notable because they made their findings public.

If a university scraping feeds did it, it's safe to assume other, bigger organizations have been doing it for much longer.

Ok! Collabora is now consistently stable on my server, AND I have a way to easily add new fonts to it! I'm very excited about this ๐Ÿ˜„

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Hmm seems like the docker container is crashing and restarting over and over. Guess I still have a little more to do before I'm home free.

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