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As of June 25, my partner is getting laid off from her job as a writing center director at CSU Global, a management position that sees her managing ~30 people plus updating website content & organizing data into understandable chunks. She's a professional writer, editor, English teacher, writing consultant, and instructional designer. Most of her experience is in higher ed, but her skills are infinitely portable.

If anyone knows of or comes across any positions or jobs that would be a good fit for her, please let me know! Also, her website is at if you want to share it.

I'm fairly confident I've successfully identified these that grow in the middle of my yard as mica caps (Coprinellus micaceus) thanks to the help of this super easy to follow identification guide:

I'm super tempted to cook them and see what they taste like, but I'm terrified of the possibility that I'm wrong, so I probably won't ever do it... I've read elsewhere that the taste is "indistinct" but that they're "high in potassium"! Also that within 1โ€“3 hours of being picked, they "dissolve into an inky black spore-filled liquid" so you have to cook them ASAP after picking them to prevent the liquefication. Also, they smell kinda funny, so no thanks...

Mushrooms are TERRIFYING! ๐Ÿ„

I watched the first 2 episodes of When They See Us on Netflix tonight and I'm so furious and can't feel any hope.

If you haven't already seen this

Minimum $5 gets you over 700 games

And these are like legit games.

And it goes towards helping others. BLM bundle game recommendation 

Glad I checked around the yard before mowing the lawn! This cute little baby bun was hunkered down in the long grass!

ok this game absolutely whips. CACTUS WEREWOLF!!

this game, haque, is one of the 700+ in the huge ass black lives matter bundle is running. you can get all those games for five dollars and the proceeds go to the NAACP and a bunch of bail funds:

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Why are people still using Bandicam with the watermark in this the year two thousand and twenty?? There are so many other tools now!

Well, I did it! I set up a web server on my old laptop! I've got Little Library installed there now since I accidentally let my quietplace domain expire! You can currently get to Little Library from, but that could stop working at any time because I don't have dynamic DNS set up yet... If it does change, I'll update it as soon as I'm aware so it will not be offline long.

Someday I'll figure out something to do with the server and get it set up so any IP address changes don't take if offline, but for now, it's just the library, so enjoy! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

When you enshrine the Constitution youโ€™re tacitly accepting the fact that a group of deeply reactionary white, wealthy landowners and slaveholders from 250 years ago get to set the terms for every single debate on justice and equality from now until forever.

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I'm gonna do a toot thread on "How to Not Sound Racist" because y'all need help.

This looks like a super cool resource for a super cool game development tool! (Also check out Twine if you haven't alreadyโ€”it's awesome!)

Wow wow, A Short Hike is such a good and cute game! It's all the best parts of Animal Crossing and Breath of the Wild combined! Wonderful experience, highly recommended.

Whoa, I only listened to the audiobooks for the Stormlight Archives by Brandon Sanderson, so I had no idea how many maps and art pieces were all throughout the book! The Way of Kings epub is >20MB b/c of art!

Please direct me to RPGs with interesting/semi-active battle systems like Paper Mario or Mother 3 where well-timed button presses/combos play a part in attacking & defending better. Thanks!

Please direct me to RPGs with interesting/semi-active battle systems like Paper Mario or Mother 3 where well-timed button presses/combos play a part in attacking & defending better. Thanks!

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