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Ugh, GOD, I remember why I started the full Lexiconga rewrite now 🤮

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Ok, I just discovered this post that's helping me understand some things:

And judging by this old thread, it looks like setting up a basic thing to broadcast to followers via is *possible* for static sites:

I'll keep looking and update if I find anything else/make any progress.

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Welcome new folks! I think there are now 100+ people who've joined in the last 24 hours, which is amazing!

If you're confused about mastodon, instances, timelines, privacy settings, content warnings, accessibility, etiquette, etc., etc., etc. take a look at this guide, or feel free to @ me or our @host .

Otherwise, welcome to the table, everyone. :)

I mainly ask because I host my blogs on Github/Gitlab with custom URLs and such, and I'd love to not duplicate my content. I can automate the creation of any kind of feed I would need to make, I just don't know how it works...

I imagine that since there's a Wordpress plugin to make Wordpress federate, there's gotta be some way I can make my static site federate (or at least readable by federated sources) *somehow*, right?

Here's an ignorant :

Can I get my blog/regular website to output content that or other protocol-users in the can read? So people could follow if they wanted but the server being followed would be one-way, not receiving messages?

If so, how would I do that?

I'm imagining or something, but in different formats, but I have no idea if that's how it works or not.

new hobby: switching "the" and "a" in sentences to make them more interesting.

"just took a shower"? Boring.

"just took the shower"? mysterious. Where Do You Take it? How?

With the new influx of users, it is inevitable that the Tumblr people will grow dissatisfied and demand their own fork of Mastodon.

It will take them two months, but they will succeeded. It will be identical to base Mastodon but the button to post will say "Twart?".

Four people will die in the internecine violence.

Rice milk is surprisingly easy to make and tastes pretty good too. I also made cashew milk, which is also tasty, but that can get expensive real quick.

@tootapp hmm, maybe that's not the issue, because I was able to log into just fine....

Does @tootapp not support glitch-flavored instances yet? I can view, but I'm getting authentication errors :(

Oh yikes, I wonder if is down because of the new people from Tumblr?

I promise I won't just use this alt to post about being down, but that's my main reason for using it...

welcome new folks! there's way too many of ya to ping directly, so i'll broadcast instead. is a server in the mastodon network generally oriented around cyberpunk aesthetic (but pretty generalist otherwise). your admins here are myself and @nightpool , the instance rules are available at, and you can chat with us on Matrix over at . see y'all around!


A sign up form with

☑️ I Am A Robot

At the end, and a message that says

❌ Thank you for your honesty. Unfortunately we are not currently allowing robots to make accounts

If it's selected.

Gonna go right ahead and say that I don't think Mastodon is necessarily a great Tumblr alternative. Tumblr has a very different structure to a lot of its posted content that Mastodon, as a Twitter-esque microblogging service, doesn't replicate.

Regular old blog blogs like WordPress got disrupted and socialized by Tumblr, but the non-centralized space doesn't seem to have developed anything that's really quite equivalent in response.

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