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You can always count on nice orchestral strings to make me feel
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If I do , it'll probably just be a campaign that I play by myself and write as nicely as I can. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'm helping a friend pull data from Scryfall, a Magic: The Gathering card database, but I know literally nothing about MtG so I have no clue how any of his data is helpful

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Bruised and bleeding, the injured dragon launched herself into the air, barely able to stay aloft, but still swift enough to evade further attempts to thwart her.

Oblivious to the dragon's injuries, hair tangling wildly in the wind, the child calmly nestled against her warm scales, no longer afraid.

The dragon's heart lightened even as she mused bitterly; the towns' humans were so stupid... not all mothers were womb bearers, and not all children were loved nor kept by those who bore them.


The great dragon tore through the town, rending roofs and bellowing mightily, ignoring defensive cannonballs and spears.
"Where is the child! You cannot hide what is MINE!"
The humans bellowed back, their fear and anger matching the dragon's.

Through the roars and cannon fire the dragon detected a tiny keening voice, more fearful than all the others.
"Mama! Mama!"

The humans watched in horror as the dragon snatched up the crying babe.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

alright, gonna try sleeping again. Good night maybe 🤞😬🤞

Whoops, 12 minutes. I posted like a second too late

!!! Card Crawl on iOS is free today! It's a card-based roguelike game that's insanely difficult and really fun and very nicely styled!

Go get it while you can!

The first full version of the #GUTSPlus Grimoire is complete! This is a #magic system that I came up with from scratch—if a system like it already exists, I don't have any idea about it (but would love to see it for reference)!

Check it out! I think it's pretty unique and interesting concept, and I'm excited to fully introduce it to the world through the GUTS+ System!

#RPG #gamedev #gameDesign #magicSystem

Good lord, scholars on Tumblr REALLY need to learn to use the Read More

Google's little ghosty game in their doodle right now is pretty fun

Was it a bad idea for me to switch to IndexedDB from localStorage for the Lexiconga rebuild? It's so much easier and faster in localStorage, but browsers generally allow for more storage space in indexedDB, so I went with that to help the eventuality of people making conlangs too large for localStorage...
I can't decide, but indexedDB is a pain in the ass, so I'm tempted to undo a whole lot of work just to make my own life easier. :/

Oh no, I saw some conlangs with nice conscripts and now I really want to go back to working on a conlang again, which makes me want to work on Lexiconga, which is something I don't have time for! 😩

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