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"After all, it could only cost you your life, and you got that for free!"

Nice! Microsoft released the MS-DOS source code on Github "for reference purposes"!

So, what are the thoughts around here about the project?

I don't fully understand it yet, but it sounds like you host your data anywhere you want in text files or something, then applications are built to read that data when you point your account to that data?

If that's what it is, then that sounds pretty neat! Your data is yours in that you can put it on whatever server you want and grant access on an app-by-app basis

This stupid iPhone battery replacement kit we got for my wife comes with 2 of the 3 screwdrivers that are essential for performing the battery replacement. Wtf

New game challenge. Make a game that can only be played with one button. How many different ways can you distinguish input with one button? What mechanics can you use? Would it even be fun? Seems like a cool challenge.

Since there's a lot of new people, here's a primer:

This is, hosted by me. We have a code of conduct: isn't the only Mastodon server. There are interest and region-specific servers with varying rules. Browse all servers:

To learn more about how that works:

First steps with Mastodon:

My mother-in-law got us ultimate VIP tickets to this comedian we like, John Crist, and we got to meet and take pictures with him and we are in the second row. Whew, this is super close to the stage!

Well I can tell you for sure that I definitely didn't expect figuring out this new hard drive to take like literally 8 hours. Yikes.

Just realized that in order to clone my hard drive to my new, smaller SSD, I'm gonna have to shrink my Windows partition, and that's always scary. I wish Clonezilla would just do that for me...

Hey everyone, wish you could get around paywalls? Tired of so many adverts being in or popping up when you just want to read an article, then I have a website for you! it takes any article from any website and removes all the ads, ignores the paywall and puts it in a nice easy to read format and font. Hope this helps :)

JFC, Peekaboo walked out into the big street by our house because the shitfucks who do pest control on our house just didn't close the fucking gate for some mysterious reason. Fuck!

We're extremely lucky we found her, but holy shit, that was terrifying!

I went canvassing for the first time today, and damn it sucked! Doing the thing that nobody wants to receive is stupid

Instead of working today, I would rather play with my dogs. Only one of them will play, though, and only for about 20 minutes at a time. So I guess I might as well work...

Some of you may already have seen . It is a re-design of Low-Tech Magazine that I did together with Marie Otsuka and Lauren Campbell. After a few months of working on it I'm happy its out in public, survived the attention and creating discussions!

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